My FULL Real Quick App Review

Real Quick App Review - Does It Really Work?

Real Quick App - The Full Review

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I am always checking out other people’s sales funnels to see if I can pick out any gems and I actually purchased Real Quick App this week for that reason alone – I also wanted to provide you with a FULL Real Quick App review so that you hope to stand a chance against Jeff Carter’s Oscar-worthy performance in his sales videos. Check this dude out, lol.

First Impressions – Real Quick App Review

I actually was emailed the Real Quick App offer in what appeared to be a solo ad so its obvious that affiliates are already hitting the ground running with this program without ever having used it…I for one believe that if you are going to promote a product, then you ought to have AT LEAST purchased the product yourself, not use it, but at least visit the members area before blasting you listing and touting about how phenomenal this program is…That’s just a lack of integrity in my opinion.

As for my actual Real Quick App review and first impressions of the actual product/sales process though; Jeff Carter has a great sales funnel with multiple redirects, take-aways, up-sells…But it was really hard to get past his slimy acting. The dude seriously reminded me of an actor from a bad doomsday movie that airs mid-day on the Sci-Fi channel (you KNOW thats bad!)

The Members Area – Real Quick App Review

There really isnt much to show as for the members area…I would love to give you an in depth Real Quick App review of the members area alone, but the only thing there is 4 training modules that show you the “concept” behind Real Quick App. The rest of the members area is all linked to resources that require you to upgrade and buy the “super secret – almost banned software” that lets you create commissions at will…

What Is Real Quick App?

Basically its utilizes Facebook fan pages and Pinterest for affiliate offers rather than simple PPC or Solo Ads to generate traffic. The idea being that since Facebook and Pinterest have a near perfect Page Rank in the search engines, your content will rank much higher and seem more “authentic” since the offer was found on a social media site.

I have no doubt that Jeff Carter is making a ton of money using these methods, but the sales video can be a little misleading…They claim to take as little as 15 minutes to set up your first campaign and within an hour or two, these people are earning $100-$300. If it really were that simple and took THAT little time…then this would be absolutely worth it! Its easy to make that much money when Jeff Carter is hovering over your shoulder directing you step-by-step through one of his OWN CAMPAIGNS that he has already researched and found to be successful. But the fact is that with these ClickBank affiliate offers, there is a giant learning curve in my opinion to actually become successful.

His sales funnel is identical to the recent Anthony Morrison Success Academy funnel along with a slew of other launches that resemble this platform. I believe that these people are most likely students of Anthony Morrison. I actually purchased Anthony Morrison’s Success Academy program along with his brother’s program that was identical. This is just duplication on a higher level.

Affiliate Program – Real Quick App Review

The Real Quick Application affiliate program is in full force! Jeff Carter is putting up daily prizes in the thousands for top affiliates which is pretty attractive. I will give him that! In addition he is providing 8 different compelling email swipes (they got me to click!) and 4 different banner ads that are pretty attractive as well.

I am seeing most of the offers come in the form of email currently with an increase in banner ads on sites like

As for the commissions that you will make on the sale of Real Quick App, I have not been able to find any verbiage stating what the commission structure is…Kind of weird. I actually signed up as an affiliate to see if that would reveal the commission payout, but that was a dead end as well…

Real Quick App Review – In Summary

I have no doubt that you can have success with this program. If you are expecting to get the results Jeff Carter touts by just purchasing the base membership, then you’ll be very disappointed. As with any program, you need to invest in the FULL program to get the best results. I personally think that you would be much better off with something that pays 100% commissions, but its completely up to you. Click the link below to check out the sales funnel for yourself!

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