Media Literacy

Dana Jones

What Does it Mean to be Media Literate??

In my own opinion, media means mass communication for the world. Examples of media for me would be the news, social networks, television, radio, and the press. To me the media can tell you just about anything whether it’s true or a not true. People share news in the media all the time which we refer to as social media. It just about controls our way of living and thinking. Our world depends on the media and has been for quite a few years now. What I think it means to be media literate is to be able to understand the content and purpose of the media. It can sometimes be deceiving in many ways and because of this I feel like it is important for people to get to know to the core. A lot of different people have their different opinion on how things should be portrayed in the media. If you are someone that puts material into the media, you have to learn how to say things in the right way so that people will not assume something else. However, if you are someone that reads, watches, or listens to the media you have to be able to detect the buffoonery. The media has a ton of power and I think that you have to be well aware of that. It is important that things like this get through to people the correct way. Others may be very mislead and others just may be perfectly fine and understand what is getting put into their heads.

Information and Independent Thought

Can you imagine the idea of not being able to think? Not being able to have thoughts for your own? In 1984 your thoughts, information, language, and amount of freedom is manipulated by the party. They act this way simply because they do not want anyone to turn against the party and overthrow their reign. " Don't you see the whole aim of Newspeak is to limit the range of though...The whole climate of thought will be different. In fact there will be no thought, as we understand now" (52-53). Eventually, no one would essentially understand what the other person is saying. People are afraid to express their opinions and thoughts because the thought police are able to detect when you are thinking about something rebellious or not. It the peoples job to control their minds and emotion so they would not get themselves into a sticky situation.