Diamond Canyon Coyote Chronicle

Volume 2: Communication for our wonderful Coyote Families

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Mark your calendars

Monday, Sept 5- NO SCHOOL, Labor Day

Friday, Sept 9- Full day Friday

Monday, Sept 12 - Friday, Sept 16- Spirit Week

Monday, Sept 12- All Things EQ Parent Night 6:00 pm

Wednesday, Sept 14- PTA General Meeting 1:30 pm, Strategic Plan Focus Group 4:30-6:30 pm

Friday, Sept 16- Students will learn about the Constitution on the morning announcements.

Saturday, Sept 17- Constitution Day

Monday, Sept 19- First day of Youth choir rehearsals, Volunteer Training 5:30 pm

Wednesday, Sept 21 - Friday, Sept 23- 8th grade to Camp Surf

Monday, Sept 26- NO SCHOOL Fall Break Day

Friday, Sept 30- Full day Friday

1st semester PLC dates

September 2 September 16

September 23 October 14 October 21

October 28 November 4 November 18

December 2 December 9

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DC Volunteer Training Dates

Monday, September 19 @ 5:30 pm

Monday, November 14 @ 5:30 pm

Tuesday, February 7 @ 6:00 pm

The above trainings will be held in the DC media center.

Additional trainings are available around the district https://www.dvusd.org/Page/30646

Electronic sign in and sign out

Diamond Canyon now uses a QR Code to sign students in and out of school electronically. If you bring your child in late and/or sign them out early you will need to bring your cell phone in with you so you can access the Google form through the blue QR code at the front counter. Please note that a parent must accompany your student into the office when late to school.

Dismissal before the end of the school day

Diamond Canyon does not call students out of class for pick up between 3:10 & 3:30 on regular release days or from 1:40 to 2:00 on early release days to reduce end of day interruptions as class is closing up. Please plan accordingly.

Important Drop off / Pick up rules to follow

When exiting parent pick up onto Liberty Bell Way, please do not make a left turn. The reasons behind this are 1) to keep the traffic flowing so that Anthem Way does not get backed up and 2) for the safety of our students. Also, please do not make a right hand turn and then a U-turn as this is also very dangerous.

In addition, the back bus lane should not be used for student drop off. This includes stopping your vehicle on Hastings Way next to the bus lane and allowing your student to cross the bus lane and enter through the bus gate. This also is a danger to our students and causes unnecessary congestion during drop off.

Policies regarding absences and tardiness

School attendance is not only a good habit, state law requires it. Arizona State Law (15-802.E, 15-803.) requires every person who has custody of a child between the ages of six and sixteen years shall make sure the child attends school for the full time school is in session unless unable to attend due to illness or another legitimate reason.

To encourage and improve school attendance, Diamond Canyon School has implemented a truancy service in partnership with Maricopa County Juvenile Court. This truancy service is called C.U.T.S. (Court Unified Truancy Suppression). We will be tracking attendance very closely. Your child is expected to be at school every day, unless there is an excused reason not to be. An absence is defined as a minimum of one missed class period per day. An unexcused absence will count as a truant day as defined by law. A student is “habitually truant” if he/she has five or more unexcused absences from school. A student that is absent more than ten percent (18 days) of the required number of school days per year is considered to have “excessive absences” whether the absence is excused or unexcused.

When a student has five or more unexcused absences or 19 excessive absences (excused OR unexcused), the student can be cited and will have to attend a hearing through the Juvenile Court. A parent or legal guardian must be present with the student at the time of the hearing. Consequences at the hearing may include the following: required attendance of the parent and the child at an education class, community service hours assigned to the child, counseling, etc. The parent will be assessed a $50 Diversion fee. Failure to complete these consequences may result in suspension of your child’s driver’s license, or inability to get a driver’s license until their 18th birthday. It is the parent /guardian’s responsibility to ensure their child’s attendance in an approved academic setting. If you fail to take the necessary steps to provide your child with appropriate education you may receive a citation. If convicted, it is a Class 3 misdemeanor punishable by jail time and/or fine.

The education of your child is extremely important to us. This service is another way that Diamond Canyon is working with the community to ensure a quality education for all students. Please note that the school also reserves the right to have a CUTS Officer speak at Orientations and Assemblies, as well as to individual groups of students regarding the importance of school. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Diamond Canyon at 623-445-8000.


Deer Valley Unified School District is in the process of developing DVUSD’s Strategic Plan for 2023 through 2028. A Strategic Plan helps an organization define its vision for the future and identify the organization's goals and objectives.

We’d love to hear from you. Feel free to join one of our focus groups to inform the Strategic Plan Work Team of our community’s needs and perspectives. See dates and times.

These focus groups will take about 90 minutes and will be held in-person and online. Please RSVP for your preferred date at this link.

Visit www.dvusd.org/FocusGroups for more details.

Middle School Athletics


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Good Luck To Our Athletes

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All Things EQ

"All Things EQ teaches practical ways to create a learning community where everyone is actively engaged in respecting and supporting one another, so that as human beings, everyone feels valued."

Weekly Mottos for quarter 1:

Week 1: Motto - My day depends on me!

Week 2: Motto - Are my thoughts helping or hurting me?

Week 3: Motto - I am always communicating through my body language!

Week 4: Motto - I show up positively for myself and the people around me.

Week 5: Motto – I’m kind to the people I’m with right now!

Week 6: Motto - I am willing to introduce myself and get to know new people.

Week 7: Motto – I don’t trade what I want most for what I want now.

Week 8: Motto - I am a productive team member.

Week 9: Motto – I don’t brag because I am happy with myself.



This months DC Staff Luncheon is scheduled for Tuesday, September, 13. The theme is Tailgate. We are including all grade levels each month to give everyone the opportunity to sign up with their favorite dish to support the theme. Please click on the attached link to sign up to bring something for our staff to enjoy. This is our teacher's favorite day of the month!

Thank you so much for all of your support!



Positions available at DC

Full time Special Education Teacher

Most likely servicing our students in grades 3-5.

.2 Gifted Specialist

To hire: must have gifted training

To sub: must have a heart for gifted children

We are open to 2 half days a week or one full day a week.

Gifted specialist will work mostly with primary grades.

Full Time Behavioral Health Counselor (grant funded)

Must have counselor license with Arizona Department of Education.


The 12 month position can be full time (8 hrs) or part time (4 hrs) The 8 hour position includes full medical/dental benefits, Arizona State Retirement benefits, paid holidays, sick time and vacation. If you are interested, please apply at https://careers.dvusd.org/, or call the front office at 623-445-8000.
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