Likes and Dislikes on Music


There are obviously different types of music, whether it be rock to country to pop. My favorite is country, my family always listened to country music and that got me into liking it. One of my least favorites (dislikes) would have to be R&B. Some of it’s okay but mainly it’s pointless. There’s no point to the lyrics and the writers have to no meaning when they write it. In country and some pop there is a meaning behind the lyrics. It’s not all about money, and girls. There are actually good songs and meaning lyrics. I’m the kind of person where to when I first listen to a song, the first thing I do is listen to the lyrics. If the lyrics have to meaning to me and are words that don’t have anything behind them I don’t like it. And that’s the way it is when I listen to R&B and some pop music, the lyrics are pointless and have no meaning and so there’s no reason to listen to it. I don’t like when there’s music with no true meaning but I really like it when it’s something that means something to me and relates to me. My likes and dislikes on music are very specific, I am very certain about what kind of music I listen to.