Mahan and Fritz Newsletter

week of September 15-19


We hope you had a wonderful weekend and are enjoying this amazing fall weather! Please check your child's Falcon Folder this week for math homework. Homework will be sent home on Fridays and will be due the following Thursday. Your child will be allowed to turn homework in earlier if they would like, but it is not due until Thursday. We will alternate math and reading homework every week.
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beam -- tea -- chief -- squeak -- three

week -- sleek -- heal -- tease -- thief

deal -- please -- leak -- league -- reef

deed -- feet -- breathe -- speech

wheeze -- freedom -- appeal -- bail

pale -- eight


beam -- tea -- chief -- squeak -- breezy

thirteen -- volunteer -- creature -- tease

thief -- deal -- increased -- appeal -- league

engineer -- fourteen -- healing -- breathe

speech -- wheeze -- freedom -- refugee

bail -- eighteen -- neighbor

This Week's Vocabulary

These words will be passed out in class tomorrow. We like to put a copy in the newsletter just in case the list gets misplaced. The test will be Friday.

Fertile – able to reproduce children, seeds, or fruits; highly productive

Inhabit – to live in or dwell in

Goad – to prick, prod, push or urge

Aqueduct – a large pipe or conduit for carrying water from a distant location

Elegant – quality of being graceful or stylish

A Peek at the Week

READING: plot, sequence, summarize, characters (protagonist/antagonist)

Writing: prewriting strategies, overused words, synonyms and antonyms

Grammar: types of sentences, punctuation, simple/complex sentences

Science: properties of matter, states of matter, measurement

Math: place value, expanded notation, place value test

Social Studies: finish mapping, begin regions of Texas


Sept. 16th - GT Meet the Teacher Night on Tuesday, September 16, from 6:00-7:00 p.m. in the Central High School Auditorium.

Sept. 19th - 4th grade Student Council Elections for room representatives

Sept. 20 - Run in the Dark


We are still waiting on a few students to turn in Edmodo permission slips. If you have these at home please sign and return to school. If you need another permission slip let us know and we will send copies home tomorrow. THANKS!!

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