Does North Korea Have the H-Bomb?

Travis McElroy February 8, 2016

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north Korea, created and successfully detonated a hydrogen bomb, this is bad news for the world, with it may cause more standstills. However people think the bomb wasn't nearly as powerful as a H-Bomb usually is.
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Four Supporting Details

The explosion of a hydrogen bomb “could potentially shake up the security landscape of Northeast Asia and fundamentally change the nature of the North Korean nuclear threat,”

Officials in the U.S. and South Korea say the data from the impact of the explosion is not what you’d expect from a hydrogen bomb; it was more in keeping with that of a traditional atomic device

North Korea has a long history of antagonizing the international community, and the U.S. and North Korea have been at odds for seven decades. The roots of the conflict go back to the end of World War II

Many analysts believe that North Korea may be trying to use its nuclear power as a bargaining chip to get the international community to agree to send more aid. Others suggest that North Korea genuinely fears an attack by the U.S. or South Korea and sees the nuclear tests as a deterrent.

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