Ketchum Parent Update

April 1, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions Guide for Families

What is distance learning?

A: Distance learning is any method of learning that happens outside the traditional school building. Distance learning looks different depending on the setting an available resources.

When will distance learning begin?

A: Distance learning will begin Monday, April 6, 2020.

What is expected of my child during distance learning?

A: Students will be expected to complete assignments in order to receive credit. Assignments will be turned in through Google Classroom or sending a picture of the completed assignments to the teacher through email. Students will be expected to participate in the assigned Zoom times with teachers. If the student does not have internet access they will be given packets to complete. Parents are asked to take a picture of the completed assignment and email to the teacher.

How will attendance be taken?

A: Attendance will be taken during weekly Zoom meetings with the student, phone calls, emails, and submitted assignments.

What should a typical day look like?

A: Although the recommended times may vary from student to student and between grade levels, below is a sample day of distance learning. Our goal is to make our plan fit working families with multiple children.

6th through 12th grade: 3 hours a day total (including teacher instruction)

  • 40-60 minutes, 4 times a week for English
  • 40-60 minutes, 4 times a week for math
  • 40-60 minutes, 2 times a week for science
  • 40-60 minutes, 2 times a week for social studies
  • Flexible time for physical education, music, art, world languages, etc.
  • Additional time may be required for Advanced Placement or IB courses

How do I prepare a learning space at home?

A: To maximize learning potential, follow the tips below:
    Help your child locate a workplace free of distractions. Routine is key. A schedule will help the students feel safe and experience normalcy during an unsettled time. Include times for breakfast, lunch, and snacks.Allow your child opportunities to interact virtually with friends and family to maintain relationships and social skills.

Will work be graded?

Yes. Academic rigor and expectations remain in place. In order to receive credit, students will submit assignments, or parents will send a picture of the completed assignment to the teacher.

How will work be turned in?

A: Any assignment that is required to be turned in can be submitted to Google Classroom or email, depending on student resources and teacher preferences.

What will communication look like with students and families?

A: All teachers will have daily office hours to help students with any problems that might arise. Office hours will be held virtually and specified by the teacher. Communication may be through Zoom, Google Classroom, email or phone calls. Teachers will make contact with their students on a weekly basis.

How can I help my child be successful during this extended learning?

As mentioned previously, keeping kids in a routine is imperative. This may look like waking up at a certain time each morning just like a regular school day and eating breakfast before beginning their studies for the day. We know mornings are the optimal learning time for students so keeping this in mind will help make them more successful. Ensure the space for students to work is free of distractions like televisions, video games, or other distracting noises. Students are more apt to do their best work sitting at a table or desk rather than a bed. Make sure supplies needed for the work are organized and readily available at their workspace. Allow for small breaks just like we do at school keeping in mind the attention span of different ages and students. This may look like them running around the outside of the house 3 times and doing 10 jumping jacks or dancing to their favorite song. Keep in mind that managing work online and at home will be completely different for students than in a regular classroom setting. It is advisable to not let them skip days of instruction because playing catch-up will be very difficult without actual class time with their teacher. Be flexible. This is a challenging time for everyone involved. Adjusting the work schedule is expected until you find what fits for your family and circumstances.We are all in this together. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our staff if you need anything at all! We are here to support our families.

Can I receive meals for my child?

A: You may receive meals for any child 18 or under. Complete the survey each week by Sunday at 5:00 PM. It can be found on Ketchum Middle School or Ketchum High School's Facebook page. There are four delivery options to choose from in the survey.

Can my child still receive counseling services?

A: Yes. Grand Lake Mental Health is working with students through Zoom and teletherapy. Information can be found at

What if I have questions or concerns?

A: We are here to build a partnership with you and ease any worries or fears. If you would like to contact the school, please contact your child's teacher by email, call 918-782-4481 between 9:00 and 3:00, or email for KMS or for KHS.

All KPS emails can be found at

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