The 33 - Film Analysis

Xochil Arriaga


The Film The 33 teaches the reader how economics plays through the portrayal of the miners having to do hard and dangerous jobs to feed their families and the use of sound.

Don Lucho

His job was to keep the men safe and he got everyone to the refuge. He did that. When they got to the refuge, they saw that there was only a little bit of food. They all ration it and that is the main reason they survived deep in the mountain.


If they had a lot of money, they would not have to work dangerous jobs like mining in the mountains. Each man has a reason to be mining. It is the best wage they can get. In the beginning, it starts off with his family dancing and having a good time. At the get together, family members discuss where to make the best money.


The sound creates suspense scenes. The sound effects let you know what is going on in the background. For example, hearing the mountain move and hearing the rock shift creates tension. Also when the drill is drilling near them, hearing the drilling helps you know that the miners are happy and know that they are being rescued.


Since his family does not have a lot of money he has to be responsible with what they make and how they present themselves. The job is dangerous but they do not have a choice. Don Lucho carries out his job and takes care of the men when they are in trouble. He warned the boss that the mountain was shifting and warned the men as well.