Learning the fun way!!

Outdoor class room by Brisa,Sarahi,Kevin,and Gage

Learning the Fun Way

Some kids do not like coming to school well what if one day a teacher told you that you were learning outside.You would like too learn out side more than to learn indoors because when you learn outside it is better and it is way more fun.Some kids will hope fully improve there behavior,grades,and the way they picture school.

The reason we want to do this is because we want to change the way kids think about school and how learning outside is way better than learning inside because at times kids think it is okay to be messy indoors just because it is were they learn and outside they will care for it because that is were we live.

We also want this because when we are in class the teachers tells us how things and animals look.But if we go outside we can actually see it or hear it. It actually helps us more because we are looking at it.

The things we want to have are simple and classic we do not have crazy things because it might distract other people while they are learning but we will try our best at making it fun.

Help us learn the fun way!