Google Classroom with ANY Device

Uses for Google Drive Products

  • Docs - use for notes, labs, worksheets

  • Presentations - use for notes or presentations (teacher or student created)

  • Sheets - math type worksheets, notebooks, notes, labs

  • Forms - quizzes, test, exit ticket

  • Drawings - add drawings to other things.

Helping your students use Classroom

Completing Assignments

  • Click on the assignment.
  • If there is a document click on it - it will be saved into your Google Drive.
  • Complete the assignment
  • Go back to the assignment in Classroom and click on Turn in

Tips and Tricks

  • To see files, click on the assignment title

  • If you “mess up” and delete a file forever you can go back into classroom and make another copy.

  • After turn in, the teacher is the owner of the document. You can’t share or change permission.
  • If you have multiple classes, click on the lines next to home and click on the class you want to go to.
  • Click in the same place and you can also see all of your assignments for all classes.
  • When students get his or her own copy of the file, it goes into that folder in their Classroom folder. Classroom creates folders for them and names that file with their sign in name.
  • Many sites now have the share through Google Classroom option. (Zaption and Discovery Education are good examples.)

How to Navigate Through Classroom

Creating and Editing Classes

  • The website is
  • From your first screen, click on the plus sign in the top right hand corner and choose create a class.
  • Name the class and give it a section (if you want) and click create.
  • All you can really do is change or choose a picture for the class theme.
  • Click on select or upload theme in the right hand corner.
  • Choose a theme and save.

Changing Classes

  • Click on the three lines on the left side of the screen and choose a new class.
  • You can also choose home to see all of your classes.
  • There is also a place where you can click assignments and see everything you have assigned for all classes.

Collaborating with other teachers

  • Click on about and under your name on the left, click on invite teacher.
  • Once they accept the invitation they can add announcements and assignments.

Adding and Inviting Students

Adding - or have them add

  • Go into the class
  • Give students the class code on the left side.

  • In the class, click on students
  • Enter their emails

Adding Announcements, Assignments, and Questions

Suggestion from @alicekeeler:

Make everything an assignment so you can know who saw it and who didn't. Require students to "mark as done" when they have seen the assignment (that is really an announcement.)

Announcements - no option for due date

  • In the class, click the plus sign and choose announcement.
  • Enter the information
  • You can add files or links
  • Use the Google Drive logo to add files directly from drive.
Assignments - option for due date
  • In the class, click assignment
  • Enter the title and instructions
  • Attach files from Drive

Create a Question - option for due date
  • Add a discussion question for students to answer.
  • If teacher has commenting disabled, then students can only answer the question and not comment or replay to others answers.

Grading and Returning Assignments

  • Click on the assignment
  • Students names will be on the left and their names and assignments will be in a grid on the right.
  • Choose a student and click on their assignment. (If you have given a copy per student and they haven't clicked on it, it will not show up on the right. Click on the student name on the left to see only that student's assignments.)
  • Check the box next to the name of the student/s you want to return work to.
  • Click return
  • Once you return the file to the students you do not have access to edit the file.
  • When they turn the file in, you become the owner.
  • When you return the file, the student becomes the owner again.

Recommendations from teachers who use it in class:

  • I recommend you archive your whole class every 6 weeks and start a new one. Easier to reuse post next year that way @alicekeeler
  • Check out her site. LOTS and LOTS of good ideas.
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