Hagfish Day

Coming to you soon on October 16th. Yahhhhhh!!!!

Hagfish Day is closer than you think!

If you think that our mascot Mr. Ug'le is ugly your right. This holiday is about celebrating the beauty in ugly.

"I embrace my ugliness, and hope that you all have an ugly Hagfish Day." -Mr. Ug'le

Hagfish Day

Wednesday, Oct. 16th, 8pm

2701 Robious Crossing Drive

Midlothian, VA

Don't be late Mr. Ug'le's slime autographs will be gone in about five minutes. Beautiful ugliness.

When is that?

Always be on time!

8:00-Slime autographs

8:30-Petting Mr. Ug'le

9:00-Beautiful Ugly Dance

11:00-End of celebration