My Career Cluster Survey and Jobs

This is my Career cluster and job survey report.

Agriculture, food, and natural resources

This is my career cluster that was appointed to me as a preferred choice.

I agree with my career cluster, because i like to fish and farm, and take care of animals.

The jobs it gave me are....

Aquaculture and farming

The job I want to go with would be Aquaculture, Because it involves fish and taking care of them.

Is aquaculture growing?

Aquaculture is a fast growing career, because people around the world are eating more marine life, such as fish, shellfish, octopus, and marine plants. this is due to the fact of lower beef production and the harmful effects that can occur when beef is not made to nation requirements.

Any personality is welcomed for this job, as long as work gets done.

Because one little mistake could lose millions.

What are the educational requirements?

Agriculture can range from a high school graduate to a masters degree, depending on what needs need to be satisfied for the career. This job also includes on the job training.

Below is some of the pieces of machinery you will have to use to keep the fish alive.

My skills, aptitudes, personality, and interests all fit into this career.

The catfish is one of the most requisitioned fish on the market today.