"Adventures in History"

Sponsored by Stevenson University's Public History Program

Four Free Programs

September 18: Just how explosive is that manure?

Students at Stevenson embarked on a history expedition in 2011 that explored the sources of gunpowder used for Baltimore’s defense during the War of 1812. Join us as we recreate the detective work that went into uncovering the story of Baltimore’s Bellona Mill located on the Jones Falls as well as the Aetna Mill on the Gwynns Falls. Included in the story are tales of fraud, price fixing, collusion, and cutthroat capitalism as the mills of Baltimore took on the Delaware-based, regional giant DuPont. The problem of gunpowder supply was exacerbated by the fact that two of gunpowder’s three critical components had to cross oceans controlled by our enemy.

October 16: Public History for young adults.

For over 25 years, Dr. Glenn T Johnston has been leading students on expeditions in history. Combining research, adventure, and hard work, those expeditions have resulted in student publications, legislation, and revisions to official histories. The students involved in those expeditions have been recognized for their efforts by national organizations, government agencies, legislatures, and historians. Come hear about "history expeditions," the philosophy behind them, and the histories with which they have dealt. Spanning high school and undergraduate education, the concept of the history expedition has proven successful in places as diverse as New York, Texas, and Maryland. If you want to make a difference in history, this is an evening you should attend.

November 20: Bayonets, Bibles, and Ballads.

At the heart of Public History is the interpretation of history for the general public. Commonly presented as a narrative, these interpretations often start with an object that has a story that relates to a larger understanding of some part of history. Come see how small “micro” stories can be used as an interpretation tool to engage audiences in learning about “macro” issues today, or in the past.

December 18: History Staring You Right in the Eye.

As we go about our daily lives, we who are interested in history sometimes notice things that cause us to pose questions to ourselves. Our questions often begin with words that used to be the domain of journalists, words like: Who, What, Why, Where, and How. Each of those questions can be a jumping-off point for a research adventure that unfolds along a route littered with unimagined obstacles and unexpected help gained along the way. Come join us as we examine the case of the Charles H. Harper involving a sunken tugboat in Curtis Bay.


Programs will be held at 7:30 PM in the Stevenson University Archives located at 1525 Greenspring Valley Rd, Stevenson, MD 21153. The Archives are located on the first floor of the University library.

The four programs scheduled in this series are presented by the faculty and students of Stevenson University's Public History Program. Designed with the thought of introducing high school students to University-level history programs, we hope to engage both students and faculty alike in discussions about history's role in the world today, the value of history, and the need to bring history alive for those around us.

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