Feud for Fault

Alyssa Smith


In the beginning, it was just the two

So no lies, no secrets, and just the Feud.

And the time it came, they loved, played the game

But soon did they know, it was just a claim.

People got hurt, people lost, but it stayed

For all that they knew, it had just been strayed

But still and stupidly, all of them played

The game of life, and the game of shade

The time came again, and this time they lost

People grieved, people fought, but it was tossed

They blamed the life, and blamed the only love

For if the time comes again, it will be shoved

But all of us know, it will come a stroke

The real question is, when will it provoke?

Movie Resemblance

I think a good comparison to Romeo and Juliet is Warm Bodies. I believe that this is a good comparison to the Shakespeare play because in the movie, its about zombies by the way, I would feel like the feud is the hatred between zombies and humans. And because the main female role in the movie (Teresa Palmer) is human and the lead male role (Nicholas Hoult) is a zombie I sort of feel like they have the same situation as Romeo and Juliet did, but in this case with more of a physical approach with the Feud. And as I mentioned before in the paragraph, the Feud is the borderline of Zombie's and Human's so it did in fact ruin a lot of people, quite literally.

Who's at Fault (Essay)

Because of the raging Feud between the Capulet's and the Montague's, both Romeo and Juliet died. There are many ways to go about when someone brings up the impeccable question of how the star crossed lovers died. Some believe that it was Juliet's Family, Friar Lawrence or even the wet-nurse. Personally, I believe it was the Feud between the Families. On several occasions did the hatred between the families not disappoint us on it's account to make itself known. For example, in the beginning, when the servants of Capulet's and Montague's start a brawl in the streets because of one silly remark. Or how about the great fight between the Capulet's and the Montague's when both Tybalt and Mercutio die?

Another example is near the beginning, when Romeo and Juliet are talking on Juliet's balcony and she brings up of how her guards will kill Romeo if they see him. I'm pretty sure that's not just because there's someone talking to your 14 year old daughter in the middle of night but more because the guy talking to her just happens to be a Montague, who is the Capulet's basic definition of arch nemesis. Fortunately for them, they don't get caught, but Juliet does go into detail of how if they do happen to get caught then her kings-men will "place death... find thee here" (Shakespeare Act II Scene II). I mean, I don't know about Romeo over there but that does sound pretty threatening. And I'm pretty sure that if they saw that it wasn't a Montague, then they wouldn't have killed him, but he is.

Okay, back to focus. Let's talk about another one of the several times that the Family Feud hangs a death threat over Romeo and Juliet's head. How about in the very beginning, like first page kind of stuff. So the Capulet's are having a party and Romeo sneaks into it and first sees Juliet. Well, soon after Tybalt sees Romeo and says something about how if he could "strike him dead... hold it not a sin"(Shakespeare Act I Scene V). I have the slightest feeling that if there wasn't a hatred between the two families, then Tybalt would've been a bit more passive-aggressive towards Romeo in that moment.

And now let's hope that you're more educated of how the Family Feud between the Capulet's and Montague's caused the death of Romeo and Juliet. Even if it's in subtle ways like a former cousin threatening a life or guards threatening a life, the Feud is still there.