Burnette Books

April 2015

It's the Final Countdown!

We are in the home stretch, and though many days I don't feel like I can last for 21 more days; I also don't feel like 21 days is enough time to do everything that needs to happen before May 22! Here's a few dates to remember as we scramble towards the end of the year:

  • April 27 (or when MC reopens after inventory): ALL students may only checkout ONE book.
  • May 4-8: Summer Reading Book Fair! Five books for $20!
  • May 4-6: Public Library summer reading visits
  • May 4-15: Burnette Summer Reading introduction (Grades K, 3, 4)
  • May 6: Last day for student checkouts
  • May 7: MC closed due to Kindergarten Registration
  • May 11-21: Teachers turn in equipment & materials
  • May 13: All student books are due
  • May 18-21: Beach Reading

One Book to Rule Them All...

After inventory when the MC reopens, we will be changing all students to only ONE book for checkout. This will help us remain open for checkout as long as possible this year, and yet also be able to get all the books returned before the end of the year.

To be able to check out a book, students must have ALL books returned AND not have any overdue books or fines.

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Summer Reading Book Fair

Our Summer Reading Book Fair is back! We will be open May 4 to May 8, from 8:20 to 3:00 most days. A sign up will be sent to you this week on SignUp Genius.

Please remember that this fair is different than our other book fairs. For this fair:

  • No previews
  • Only students with money in the fair
  • 5 books for $20
  • No online sales
  • No coupons or discounts
The fair will be in the classroom area in the Media Center Monday through Wednesday. On Thursday, we will relocate to the main lobby for Kindergarten registration. Friday we will be back in the Media Center. On Thursday, we cannot have any whole classes sign up to come to the fair due to Kindergarten registration.

We will be sending several flyers home. This is a great chance for students to get books, and we will try to have our Readers Rally titles and our 6th grade summer reading titles as well.

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Summer Reading at Burnette

This summer we will be doing the Scholastic Summer Reading program. Students will have a special log in and password that they will use online to log reading minutes. We tried this for the first time last year, and our school was third best in the county! I know this year we can do even better... the school to beat is Craig Elementary.

My first and second grade classes will learn about this during their specials. Kindergarten, third, and fourth grade will need to sign up for a lesson time to hear about summer reading between May 4 and May 15. Watch your email for more details!

A special flyer about summer reading will be given to you to put in report cards. Thanks for all your support!

Last Call

Closing time, open all the doors out and let you out into the world....

Last checkout for students will be May 6, and all student books are due on May 13.

Teachers, the sooner you can turn in materials and equipment, the better for all of us on May 22! We all want to go home! An equipment checklist will be attached to your EOY checklist.

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Beach Reading

Though students won't be able to check out books, that doesn't mean the MC is locked! Teachers are welcome to continue to borrow books and materials, though remember, this adds to your EOY checklist to return. We can't sign your sheet until your account is totally clear.

Just as we did in the winter with fireside reading, we will have Beach Reading the last week of school. If you want to bring your class for some DEAR time from May 18-21, please sign up in the green folder on Mitzi's desk. We will have ocean waves and quiet music... I'll try to get a beachy scent to spray for more ambience, too!

The Media Computers will continue to be available the last weeks of school as well. Sign up using On My Calendar.