Welcome to Eswens!

by Lilly Andrea

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In Eswens, the people choose the leader. People vote on who they believe would be the best leader based on their location, and out of those representatives, 3 are chosen to act as how a president would today. The people tell their representative their concerns or changes they want made, and if there are enough people who want that change, the representatives will present it to the other branches of the government (like how our government is today). In the government, power is distributed to the three branches and no one branch has more power than the other. The government raises money by taxing the people on their household bills. If someone pays rent, they will have an added government tax on their rent.


The country maintains order by having officers from the government look over individual towns. Like police officers, these officials will jail those who break laws, but are also in the town to relay information back to the appointed officials in the capital.


The people of my country will practice kindness and respect to each other and to the government. They will also have unique towns, for example, one town thinks wood houses are the nicest looking so everyone has one while the next town over believes houses with bright colors are the best to have. (Each town has a different atmosphere.) The people in my country will also practice their own religion freely. Lastly, the people of my country will value education over everything, with many of them becoming bright and skilled workers.

Public Services

The government will provide many public services, such as a police department, fire department, fully funded schools, trash pickup, and healthcare.
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