Hoping these tips and tricks are helpful while you are working from home planning lessons for distance learning.

Saving Emails

Is your Inbox filling up? There are a couple of solutions for saving email into folders and forwarding to OneNote.

WebMail - Right click on Inbox, choose Create new subfolder, name your folder (this does take space in your inbox).

Windows Mail - Click on Folders, click the + sign, name your folder, for it to be visible on the left navigation pane right click on the newly created folder and choose Add to Favorites (this does take space in your inbox).

Send to OneNote - Since you do not have the "Send to OneNote" option available in Webmail or Windows Mail here is a workaround!! You can "forward" emails to your Email OneNote!!

Two ways to do this:

(1) Create a section in your Email OneNote Notebook that will be used to contain all the emails you forward and then open an internet browser and go here: to set the default location for forwarded emails. Select the section you just created. When you get an email you want to save, forward that email to this address: A copy of the email will be placed in the default location and then you can open OneNote and sort to the section you want it stored.

(2) When forwarding an email add @sectionname at the end of the subject line and the email will be copied in that section.

Click on the image below to watch a video tutorial.

Scanning Files with Windows Defender

When downloading files from other sources (TPT, google docs, etc.) be sure and scan the file with Windows Defender before opening to check for viruses and malware.

Right click on the downloaded file and choose Scan with Windows Defender. Another screen will open and show the results of the scan. If it says No current threats then the file is safe to open.

Discovery Education

Don't forget you have access to this online resource for students. Teachers log in using the online resource page (here) and students log in using this link: DE Link. Student logins are slightly different...get those from your campus ETS.

Nearpod & Flocabulary Subscriptions

Great News! You have been given access to these two resources with full features for the remainder of the school year!! You should have received an email from Nearpod followed by a document from your campus ETS outlining the partnership. You also received an email from your campus ETS with an activation link for Flocabulary (except Lawhon who already has this resource). One of our upcoming training sessions will be over these two products.
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Student Responses

There are 2 ways students can respond to assignments you send to them:

(1) If you send a journal post (+ Post to Student Journal) and you want them to interact with the template you assign, they have to click the 3 dots (...) to the bottom right of the post and select Copy & Edit.

(2) If you assign an "Activity" they simply click Add Response to interact with the template you send.

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Calendar View

Use the Calendar view to see how many assignments were turned in on a daily basis and by whom.
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Use folders for subject areas or even weekly assignments. When you create an assignment for students you can put it in a folder that allows easy filtering of assignments.

Click on the Wrench (top right), scroll down in the settings to Folders, select Manage Folders and you can create them here. Set the "show add to folder step" to Students & Teachers.

**Fun Tip: Use EmojiCopy to add fun emojis to your folder titles!


I am available during the day to assist you in any way I can. I will have "virtual office hours" Monday-Friday from 1:00-2:00pm.

In addition, I am always available by email or if you need to call me I can send you my number.

Let me know how I can support you!!

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