Red Queen

by: Victoria Aveyard

"Anyone can betray anyone"

-Victoria Aveyard
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Plot: Mare Barrow has red blood. She survives by being a thief and lives with her family in a poor village. That all changes though, when she gets thrown into the world of the slivers. The slivers have sliver blood that give them superhuman powers. They are elite and have everything they could ever need. Now Mare has to figure out how to survive in there world, keep a secret that could change everything and be careful with who she trusts.

Characters: Mare, Cal, Maven, Kilorn, Julian Jacos, the Queen and Farley.

Setting: Norta and the Stilts.

Conflict: Mare has to pretend to be someone she is not and try to keep the Scarlet Guard a secret. Also, all the characters have to deal with the aftermath of everything that happens causing conflict too.

Genre: Fantasy.

Theme: Power and the corruption of power.

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My Review

I would rate this book 5 out of 5 stars. This book had a lot of my favorite science fiction/fantasy books mashed into one. It has a government set of as a Monarchy, a love triangle that was amazing done and the slivers had magical powers that you have never seen before. This book could be a little slow at times but when the important plot points happened they were nonstop making up for the slow parts. There is a major plot twist that happens they will break your heart. That made me love the book even more. Overall, Red Queen was a fantastic, compelling read that will make you want to read the sequel right away.
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Who would like this book?

Someone who enjoys fantasy and science fiction books will really like this book. If you want to try reading fantasy for the first time, this would be a good book to get you into the genre. Its a longer book so if your looking for a book to invest your time into this would be a good choice. The characters are likable, the plot has a purpose and the world that is created is amazing. So if any of these things interest you Red Queen would be a good book for you.

Expert reviews

“A sizzling, imaginative thriller, where romance and revolution collide, where power and justice duel. It’s exhilarating. Compelling. Action-packed. Unputdownable,” (USA Today).

“Aveyard weaves a compelling new world of action-packed surprises... inventive, character-driven.” (Kirkus)

“Fascinating world building... Readers will be intrigued by a world that reflects today’s troubling issues concerning ethnic inequality, unfair distribution of wealth, pollution, warfare, political corruption, and the frightening power of the media.” (Voice of Youth Advocates (VOYA))

“Breakneck pace and engaging characters.” (School Library Journal)

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