Elementary Principals’ Organization

Los Angeles Unified School District

Citywide EPO Meeting Reminder

Come join us at the Citywide Elementary Principals' Organization meeting on Friday, February 19, 2016 at Pickwick Gardens in Burbank.

Elementary Principals' Organization, EPO your official professional organization of LAUSD.

City Wide EPO Meeting at Pickwick Gardens

Friday, Feb. 19th, 8am-12pm

1001 Riverside Drive

Burbank, CA

Tentative Agenda

7:30 am - Refreshments & Networking

8:00 am - Welcome / Special Presntation - Heather Lower Lowe, EPO President

8:10 am - Welcome and Remarks LISTEN, LEARN, ACTIVATE - Michelle King, Superintendent

8:40 am - Aspirations Profile - Dr. Russell Quaglia, President/Founder,

Quaglia Institute for Student Aspirations

10:00 am - BREAK

10:15 am - AALA, ACSA Updates - Juan Flecha, AALA President & Moohay Choe, ACSA 16 Representative

10:30 am - Academic Updates - Dr. Frances Gipson, Chief Academic Officer

10:50 am - Elementary Instruction Updates - Katie McGrath, Director, Elementary


11:05 am - Utilizing your School Experience Survey Data and LCAP Accountabilities - Rowena Lagrosa, Chief Executive Officer, Parent Community and Student Services & Julie Kane, Director, Performance Management

11:25 am - SBAC Updates - Oscar Lafarga, Director, Student Testing Branch

11:50 am - Time Reporting – Bulletin 6638 Audits – KGN Continuation REF-5777.2 - Pam Worden, School Finance Liaison, Office of the Chief Financial Officer

11:55 am - Evaluation/Closing

Here is a link to Dr. Quaglia's article for tomorrow's meeting.

Date of the Final City Wide Meeting

Friday, May 20, 2016

All meetings are at the Pickwick Gardens and begin at 8:00 a.m.

The Elementary Principals' Organization of the Los Angeles Unified School District is your official professional organization.

In addition to attending all of our scheduled meetings, your dues also important for the EPO to operate viably as your professional organization. Your support though paying dues and attending meetings are important to our success.

Dues are $20.00 for the 2015-2016 academic year. Please make your check payable to EPO and put your school name and Local District in the memo section.

You may pay your dues at the EPO meeting on February 19 2016 or you may remit dues to:

Laura Baza, Principal/EPO Treasurer

c/o Hillside Elementary School, Local District East

Our Sponsors

A special thanks to our sponsors for the continual support: Peoples Education (Don Bechtold), Lakeshore (Mark Funston), Lakeshore Learning (Jessica Thudium), West Coast Education Systems-Lexia ((Bill Ger), Growing Educators (Renee Houser), Daryl Barnett Advertising (Daryl Barnett), McGraw-HIll (Astrid Longo & Gerren Bennet), Heinemann (Nadra Ostrom), CBS (Brenda Gonzalez-Ortiz), Benchmark Education (Segaro Bozart), Retirement Choice of CA (Rocio Bachman), School Portraits by Richard Linsey (Richard Linsey) and Dr. Frances Gipson, Deputy Superintendent Division of Instruction