Digital Citizenship Canvas Course

Advisory Contest

Win a pizza party for your class!

Who: all 7th grade advisory classes

What: pizza party for winning classes

When: contest ends Friday, September 20th

Why: we want to motivate students to complete course requirements and earn a digital badge

How: winning classes will be selected based on the number of students earning a digital badge. The higher the number of students per class earning a badge, the greater the chances are of winning.

What does the advisory teacher have to do to participate?

Promote the Digital Citizenship Course to their advisory class and provide class time for students to work on it.

What does the 7th grade student have to do to participate?

Complete all course requirements and submit the capstone project at the end of module four by Friday, September 20th.

Is there any help available?

Yes, there are two options.

1) Advisory teachers may schedule library time for the Librarian to teach a module.

2) Send advisory students to the library with a pass for help with the course or to work on the capstone project. Students may want to use the library's green screen for the capstone project.

What is the capstone project?

This final project will be graded by the Librarian.

Students will have access to submitting the assignment once they have completed all four modules, not before.

Task: students must create a multimedia presentation that summarizes what they have learned in the course and how they will use the information, tools and strategies to be a responsible digital citizen.

Options (students may select one of the four options below):

1) iMovie: create an iMovie no longer than 30 seconds in length

2) Powerpoint/Google Slides: no more than two slides

3) Create a comic using

4) Use "Veescope Live Green Screen," "Green Screen Live Video Recording, " or "Explain Everything" app to create an infommercial. Students may use the green screen at the library. No longer than 30 seconds.

What topics does the course cover?

  • Netiquette
  • Cyberbullying
  • Internet Safety
  • Privacy & Security