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March 25 - 29, 2019

from J-

At the beginning of March, a Mid-Year Report was given at the BOE that gave an update on academic strategic plans. The full report can be found here. While I encourage you to read be aware of updates around all strategies, please know there are some overall celebrations in the elementary division, especially around iReady Growth and our focus in Math in comparison to MOY18. The phrase "what gets focused on gets done" comes to mind. Thank you for being insistent around great instruction and learning. Your positive expectations through the last day of school will invite staff and students finish strong.

Everyday, from day 1 to day 172 with students and day 185 with teachers, your leadership matters. In your role, you make an impact in three specific ways: by setting direction, by developing people, and by making the system work. My appreciation to each of you for your leadership!

Finally, a reminder this was to be the last week to submit a nomination for the Malori McGhee Memorial Award. This "Rookie of the Year" will be awarded at the Annual Teachers’ Banquet to a first year teacher who is amazing, exemplary, and rock-star status. Please note: this award is not sponsored by the Foundation for Springfield Public Schools Teacher Banquet; it is simply presented as part of the evening celebrations. If you haven't a first year teacher you wish to believe is worthy, please complete the nomination form by clicking here by end of day Monday, March 25.

Why Teacher-Student Relationships Matter

New findings shed light on best approaches

from Brady-

Principals – last year the Special Services Department launched our first-ever Process Coordinator Appreciation Week – we are continuing this new tradition next week (March 25-29). As you well know, our district process coordinators are an invaluable resource for information and compliance – they are the link between the schools, the Special Services department, and the community. They help us problem-solve, communicate effectively with parents, and provide the most current information on facilitating an effective special education process. Please take a moment during the week of March 25-29 to say THANK YOU! The department will be honoring them with a breakfast on Wednesday the 27th.

The Key to Effective Classroom Management

A three-phase process helps build strong teacher-student bonds, which can reduce disruptive behavior.

from Mike-

repeat info from last week...

MAP Ideas - Prep, Motivation, Protocols

The best ideas are stolen -- or given away to your friends. :-) As we head into MAP-testing season, we want to do everything we can to give our students and teachers the best opportunity to be successful. Please take a moment to CLICK HERE and share a strategy or two that your school is planning or has had success with in the past for each MAP-related topic. Use this padlet to share ideas, links to resources, and comment on other posts.

Attracting Teacher Talent

This is a critical time of year for school systems everywhere as we jockey for position to fill job vacancies with high-quality talent. When your school goes through the process of screening teacher candidates and scheduling interviews, it’s important to remember that first impressions are a two-way street. Candidates are making their own judgements about the quality of ourschools when they meet with us, and the best candidates will have multiple offers to consider. It’s the little things that make a difference in our quest to best position our schools to attract new talent. How are you setting your school apart from the sea of schools looking for the next superstar teacher?

Our AP Cadre will be visiting in-depth about this topic when we meet at the Transportation Department offices on the morning of March 29th.

Springfield Cardinals Trip

A reminder that the deadline is March 30th for submitting your school’s ticket and lunch counts for each of the three participating grades. Please submit your school’s info by going to

Also, when entering times into Trip Tracker, you can submit the following:

Origin Departure - 9:00
Arrival Time - 9:30
Departure Time - 1:00
Origin Return - 2:00

Actual times may vary slightly based on your location, but this will get your request into the system and the transportation department can make minor adjustments as needed.
Principals As Designers Capable of Retooling School

Principals control things like the schedule, how spaces are used, communication, school rituals and process -- all of which are design levers.