And Other Fields of Study


A highly developed science in the Muslim world was medicine. They had doctors in Baghdad that had to pass extremely difficult tests before they could even practice. The muslim doctors developed many skills. They also developed one of the first pharmacy schools. They had a good eye for surgery, where scores for different tools were available.

The Hollow Needle

This is an instrument the Muslim doctors had used. They used it on patients to draw out the film over hte eye that caused blindness.

Ibn Sina

Ibn Sina was a persian doctor. He was about the most famous medical scholar of his time. He contributed to other fields as well such as logic, music, and psychology

Other Fields fo Study

Geographers made strides too due to their different lands and people. As the Muslims traveled to Mecca they created travel guides for the long journey. One geographer even measured the Earth's circumference in what is said to be considerably accurate.


Muslim scholars also studied history. Ibn Khaldun was one of these scholars. He wrote history about the world. He made comments on issues that still interest historians to this day. He had warned historians about them writing to prasie a ruler too highly to gain their favor.
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