October Onward #2

Moving through cluster initiative

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October 22, 2020

The Lawrence School District is currently implementing the full remote instructional model in our schools. We acknowledge the challenges this brings to the families who have selected hybrid instruction for their child(ren) and look forward to resuming hybrid instruction for our blue and gold cohorts as quickly as possible. We will be watching the data daily.
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The latest data shows the infection rate has changed the previous red and orange areas to yellow. The previously identified yellow zone rate has changed from 4.4 % to 3.5 %.
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Yellow Zone Testing Requirements

Schools in a designated yellow zone are required to test 20% of students and staff. We are grateful that New York State has provided Nassau County with the equipment to open a rapid testing center that will be set up on alternating weeks at the Five Towns Community Center and the JCC . See more on the testing center in the Nassau Hersld article


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Next steps for our schools

If the geographic area of the Lawrence District continues to be identified as a yellow zone we will be identifying 20% of our staff and students to participate in the required testing. Our hybrid families will be receiving a form on Thursday October 22nd to provide the District with participation assurance and awareness of the COVID testing requirement for schools in the yellow zone.

We continue to use the word ‘fluid’ when managing the challenges of this pandemic. Our desire is to open for in person hybrid as quickly as possible and most certainly as safely as possible.