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How To Play Viktor Like An LEC Pro

Viktor has been out of the spotlight for a while, but some new changes to either him and the item system have left him in a solid spot. Lets see what's changed during the preseason.
It’s the exact preseason, the time where League of Legends gets turned upside down and a huge array of changes are made to the game, this preseason is all about item changes. Some champions also been given a slew of changes of their own, including Viktor Guide. Now, we’re taking a look at what's changed for Viktor, not only in reference to his kit, but his item build and skill request as well.


Viktor has received a rework to his particular passive. He no longer has his Hexcore item, which in turn he used to upgrade by spending gold on it, sequentially allowing him to augment his abilities. Glorious Evolution these days instead allows Viktor to augment his abilities, giving them unique effects and making them more powerful. To augment an ability, Viktor must collect 100 Hex Fragments. He gains most of these fragments by killing minions, monsters, and champions. Minions give one fragment each, while taking down an enemy champion awards Viktor with 25 fragments. This makes hunting for murders quite beneficial, and can allow Viktor to snowball when he gets a kill or two.

Siphon Power is usually a point-and-click ability that deals damage to the target and mat Viktor. The next basic attack that Viktor casts within the few seconds is empowered, dealing additional magic damage to whatever target. Once augmented, Viktor gains movement speed upon audition Siphon Power and increases its shielding powers. This is usually a strong ability for trading with opponents, dealing a decent portion of damage to them while shielding yourself from harm.

Viktor can deploy Gravity Field, which lasts for a few seconds. Any sort of enemy standing within the gravity field are slowed in addition to gain a stack. Upon reaching three stacks, they are simply stunned. Once augmented, Gravity Field grants Viktor’s many other abilities (excluding his ultimate) a slowing effect. Gravitational pressure Field is a great area of effect ability that denies your current opponents options for escaping or engaging in that area. As long as they try to run through it, they’ll be stunned, leaving these folks more vulnerable to you and your team and allowing you some time so that you can reposition.

Death Ray is Viktors E. It fire a beam in a line, dealing a large amount of damage to any sort of enemy it passes through. Once augmented, an growing market follows a second after Death Ray is cast, engaging damage to the same area again. This is Viktor's main waveclear and poke damage. A few points into Death Beam, along with an augment, turns Viktor into one of the strong wave clearing champions in the game.

For his ultimate, Viktor summons a Chaos Storm, disrupting enemies upon spawning and dealing damage in the area for the duration. Viktor can choose to move Chaos Storm in any direction, allowing him to simply keep damage on fleeing enemies. Upon augmenting all your other abilities, Chaos Storm also gains an augment. The following augment allows Chaos Storm to move faster, making it so much easier to stick onto enemies.

Max Order
Death Kitchen tools is the priority skill to max for Viktor. As stated before, this is his main waveclear and poking tool. One time maxed and augmented, Death Ray deals incredible affect, allowing Viktor to make short work of incoming minion waves and enemy health bars alike.

Next up is normally Siphon Power. The damage and shield scaling with tips in Siphon Power shouldn’t be underrated, and can grants Viktor a ton of additional survivability and burst damage during the mid game.

Finally, Gravity Field is left pertaining to last. This is mostly due to the fact that the extra damage and electric from the other two spells are stronger and more normally utilised than Gravity Field. The increased slow is nice, but not game-changing, and the other abilities being using a shorter cooldown is much more important than having Gravity Niche on a shorter cooldown, as it's unlikely to be team more than twice in a fight. Put points into Turmoil Storm at levels six, 11, and 16.

Advance order is quite static for most players. Death Ray is easily the most optimal augment for your first, as Death Ray is actually Viktor’s most important spell for the majority of the game. Siphon Electricity follows that, with Gravity Field left for past.


It seems as though a majority of high Elo players, plus our pros in the LEC, have agreed that Section Rush is the best keystone rune to run on Viktor. Phase Rush offers more flexibility and options to interweave in and out of danger, which can be helpful in this case since that is certainly essentially Viktor’s main playstyle. This is usually followed up by taking Manaflow Band for additional mana and mana sustain, Transcendence for those more Ability Haste, and Gathering Storm for the later part of the game insurance.

There is some discussion around the best alternative tree. This is usually personal preference, or changed depending on the rival you’re facing. Using former Fnatic midlaner Tim “Nemesis” Lipovšek as an example, he runs the Inspiration tree together with Magical Footwear and Biscuit Delivery.

The former allows for even more gold to be funneled into your core items, granting an individual slightly magical boots of speed for free after some time. The exact latter provides sustain during the laning phase, granting one or two biscuits that, upon use, restore a portion of dropped health and mana while also increasing your maximum mana. Usually there are some who run the Precision and Domination trees, nonetheless Inspiration seems to be the most standard as of right now.

Item Build up
There are whispers going around of a super secret OP build up for many mid lane mages right now, but that appear to be getting addressed by the balance team, so we won’t include that in the item section. Instead, we’ll be that specialize in a more standard build that many players are finding success using right now.

Start out with a Doran’s Ring and two Health and wellbeing Potions for the laning phase. This will grant you many of the stats you want early on, while making sure you can top yourself back up if you take a couple of trades or need to survive your gank from the enemy jungler. Upon your first recall, one could try to pick up a Lost Chapter, which will build into your primary core item, Luden’s Echo. After that, work towards upgrading to Sorcerer’s Shoes, followed by a Lich Bane as your upcoming core item. These core items allow Viktor the capacity to waveclear effectively, and have quite potent trading and skirmishing power.

After those, there’s a bit more of a choice to generally be made. If in need of utility, Zhonya’s Hourglass could be a good consideration, but if you can forgo the defensives, Rabadon’s Deathcap will allow you to pack much more of a punch with your damage productivity, which will feel great when you're getting into the team fighting point of the game. Following up with a Void Staff to negate a portion of your opponent's magic resist will definitely aid in fading through those health bars.

If you didn’t opt for the Zhonya’s Hourglass earlier, now might be a good time to get it. If you ever aren’t in need of the armour, or you aren’t taking a great deal aggro from your opponents, you can choose a more aggressive item just like Morellonimicon to try and cut down on the opponents healing, Cosmic Get for even more movement speed, or even a Banshee’s Veil should the enemy team has a lot of magic damage.

Laning Stage
Focusing on last hitting as many minions as you can is very important for virtually every midlaner. This is especially true for Viktor, since each last strong ! gets him closer to reaching an ability augment. Project is to farm up as many hex fragments as possible, preferably reaching an upgrade or two before the mid game will start.

Look for opportunities to punish your opponent with the incredibly huge range provided from Death Ray. Many champions have no ways of matching its range, allowing you to essentially trade damage for free. Try to work with your jungler for times in order to roam or gank. Getting a takedown can aid you when you get an early augment, allowing you to take control of your lane that much before.

Team Fights
Viktor is one of the kings of AoE around LoL. Your job is to nuke down everyone you can with an area, especially the squisher targets. The sheer amount of space control provided via Chaos Storm, Gravity Field, and even Death Ray will put fear in the hearts of each one squishy member of the opposing team trying to walk up to anyone.

The movement speed increases provided by both your kit together with from Phase Rush should aid you in kiting off from those posing a threat to you, while allowing you to bit down their health bars from range. These action speed buffs can also aid you in chasing down spots, or allow you to reach a priority target who isn’t pregnant you to be so fast.

Those who underestimate Viktor’s harm output will likely suffer the same fate that Yiliang "Doublelift" Peng did in everyone's favourite clip. Hopefully your own personal opponents will be saving Flash for their next game in addition.

To conclude, Viktor is an incredibly powerful AoE mage who can outright destroy anything in his path – in the event that played correctly. He is one of the higher skill-capped champions at the tables, requiring both strong knowledge of the game and potent clockwork skill to pull off correctly. This allows for rewarding game play that makes Viktor both fun to learn and main. We would urge anyone aspiring to learn a new mage in the midsection lane to give Viktor a try!

2020 in Review: The Most Popular Champions of the LEC

We’re discussing the most played champions in the LEC throughout 2020, and talking about why they were used so frequently among the our pro players.

This year we saw a huge variety of champions in every position, with wacky and off the wall picks becoming common occurrence. But there were a couple of stand out champions function teams in the LEC seemed to prefer throughout their efforts in the 2020 season. Today, we’re going to take a look at widely known champion for each role, and talk about what made them all such high priority picks.

Top Lane – Ornn

In the top lane, Ornn managed to pick up the title on most played champion, being picked in 78 games during the entire Spring and Summer seasons. Ornn’s priority comes in the form of his innate tankiness, his engage potential, incredible ruin output for a tank, and, of course , the ability to upgrade his / her teammates' items for free.

Ornn’s masterwork items are possibly the most reason he was played so much this year. The fact that he delivers each of his teammates roughly 1, 000 gold worthwhile of stats for free each time he levels up beyond 13 is a huge benefit for high levels of play, everywhere small leads can allow players to take over games.

Let us not forget that Ornn was also able to grant on his own two masterwork items, allowing him to create a giant steer for himself in terms of stats in the top lane, whenever he manages to keep up in creep score early on. It's actual this capability that no doubt drew Rogue's Finn "Finn" Wiestål to picking him 12 times over the twelve months, and winning 58. 3 percent of the games wheresoever he took control of Ornn.

Jungle – Lee Privado

Everyone's favourite blind monk takes the spotlight here once again. Lee Sin was seen in the jungle job 84 times and seen on the ban list 27 times during the LEC in 2020. Many pro players, primarily junglers, believe that every good jungler should be able to play Lee Sin at a high level in order to be considered a good player.

Shelter Sin is considered one of the most mechanics-based champions in the jungle posture, and he requires a lot of playtime and skill to pull out correctly. Having the ability to get into the enemy backline and Dragon’s Rage a high-priority target right into your squad is among the most best ways to make sure your team is going to win a fight. LOONY Lions jungler Zhiqiang "Shad0w" Zhao is famous for his astounding Lee Sin skills which he showcased many times while in the season, winning 61. 9 percent of the games the guy managed to get his preferred pick.

Mid Lane – Azir

The Emperor of Shurima claimed his spot given that the king of the mid lane this time around, being picked up on mid 73 times over the course of 2020. Azir’s ability to have fun with safely in the laning phase, before scaling into a squad fighting monster later on, is what made him such a great priority. There were very few champions who could match Azir’s prowess throughout 2020, leaving him unrivaled at the top for many years.

Azir made team fights a nightmare for his particular enemies, being able to melt through the toughest of the tough through relative ease once he got a couple of soldiers into the field. This made it almost impossible to take fights when taking part in against him, unless he was caught out of position. Chances were still in his favour though, as he was concluded the season with a 53 percent win rate, proving does not deserved his spot on the throne.

Bot Lane ~ Aphelion

In the marksman role, we have Aphelios as the most experienced champion with 101 picks across the year. Aphelios has been perhaps a tad too strong when he was released, creating him being a high priority for quite some time in professional engage in.

The way that he could change how every team fight ended up being played depending on which weapons he had available made it a good headache for his opponents – and sometimes even his teammates – to play around. Fans will likely remember some of the a great deal more notorious Aphelios moments from 2020, like the one below, however , a few balance changes in the summer saw the champion truly end the year with a negative win rate in Western world. We'll see if any further changes come in 2021 to bring the pup back to the Rift – if a little less amazing.

Support – Nautilus

The Titan of the Depths seemed to be seen in a huge amount of games this year – Nautilus was harvested a whopping 104 times in 2020. The only champion chose more was Sett, and that was throughout four numerous roles. Having almost double the picks of the after that most popular support, Nautilus was definitely a priority pick for our players in the LEC.

With his massive anchor to land in his opponents and large amounts of crowd control available to them, all mixed in with strong early game damage, Nautilus was a terror to play against. More often than not, you’d see Nautilus acting as a secondary jungler, ganking other lanes and even aiding them in securing leads – and many times kills for his teammates – setting them close to carry the late game. His incredible tankiness and then the huge amount of threat he posed to squishy champs gave him his rightful spot at the top of the guidance list.

Champion Spotlight: Aphelios | Gameplay - League of Legends