BESTeam Tidbits

April 10, 2016

Student Voice: What makes a great teacher?

We learn so much from listening to our students. During principal panel this week, the students shared their opinions on what makes a teacher. See their thoughts below:

  • Open to other's ideas
  • Need to be able to tell kids when to stop
  • Personality when talking
  • Understanding
  • Funny, humor
  • Presentable in looks
  • Discipline a little bit, a little strict
  • Practice the three stages of tolerance
  • Give at least two warnings
  • Like their jobs and students
  • Make sure we know something before a big test or grade
  • Fun but teaches at the same time
  • Respectful
  • Kind
  • No anger issues
  • Smart

Next time, we will tape the students sharing their thoughts as this list does not do it justice. However, this list provides great insight! How do we, the BES staff, stack up to the list our Texans look for in a great teacher? As we enjoy the final grading period with our Texans, thank you for striving to be the great teacher they describe!

BES Volunteers are Souper!

Volunteers play a huge role in the day to day activities of BES. They make copies, read with our Texans, decorate our hallways, stock the lounge, and offer an extra set of hands where needed. To honor our volunteers, we will host a soup luncheon on April 14 from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. in the learning commons.

To get the word out, please e-mail this invitation to volunteers who work with you and your students. Some volunteers will receive the invitation more than once, but that's okay. In addition to the e-mail, please take a few minutes for your students to create a special invitation from your class to send home in Friday folders.

Please take a moment to sign up for an item to bring to honor our volunteers.


  • Congratulations Becca on successfully completing the Texas teacher exams!

  • Thank you for collaborating with each other for our terrific Texans!

  • Thank you Al for the wildly popular gaga pit! You organized volunteers, researched how to build it, wrote a PTA grant, bought all the supplies, and put it all together. It has made recess more fun this week!

  • Wonderful collaboration between Lisa, Leigh, Dolores, and Sue on meeting students' individual needs!

  • All 5th graders are registered for middle school!

  • Thank you teachers for supervising the gaga pit during recess!

  • Thank you Connie, Al, Rebecca, Sandy, Corrie, and Abbey for assisting with the Girls on the Run practice 5K on Friday afternoon!

Remember to... Check this list, check it twice!

  • Teacher Self Report: TSR parts II and III are due April 15. Please login to Eduphoria to complete these by April 15. Thank you!
  • GCISD Innovative Teaching with Technology Conference: If you are attending the GCISD Innovative Teaching with Technology Conference on June 14, please let us know by placing your name on this list.
  • Rachel’s Challenge Rally: On Saturday, April 16, enjoy visiting all the booths at the community fair! Stop by Bransford Booth and take a quick kindness picture at our photo booth. Tweet us out #BESTexans and you can wear jeans to school the entire next week!
  • Cornerstone Tasks: Thank you for taking the time to upload cornerstone tasks. Let Lisa know if you need any assistance. Thank you for the great learning experiences you are facilitating for our students!


  • Birthday Invitations: Thank you for upholding the unwritten practice of only sending out birthday invitations if ALL students or ALL of one gender in the class are invited. Please let Jamie or Tonya know if you have any questions.
  • Dad's Club Event: On Friday, April 22 starting at 6 p.m. Dad's Club will host dinner and a movie at BES. Dad's Club will be cooking hamburgers and hotdogs served with chips. Dinner will be $5 a family, payable upon check-in on Friday night. Please bring drinks for your family. Girls on the Run will be selling S'more fixings as part of their community outreach project honoring the Stone family.
  • Math Book Study: As we grow in our capacity to serve GCISD students, we invite you to be a part of an exciting book study hosted by the GCISD math department! We look forward to learning with you!
  • Summer Programs: On Monday, March 28th, online registration will open for our Elementary GCISD Summer Programs which includes Summer Enrichment, KidzU Camps, and ECDC Camps. This summer we will offer courses for students completing K-6th grades. Our program brochure is available online on the Summer Enrichment page and a limited amount of printed brochures will be sent out to all elementary campuses the week of March 28th. If parents need assistance with the online registration or have questions, you can direct them to the Summer Programs Office which is located in the GCISD Tax Office this year. The number is (817) 251-5206 and the office will open Monday, March 28th.
  • GT Courses: Two online GT courses have just opened. These classes will be facilitated vis Google Classroom, and will count towards the initial 30 hours of GT and can also serve as a 6 hour update. GT CORE COURSE: Nature and Needs of GT Students ONLINE SESSION (March 21-May 6) GT CORE COURSE: Social Emotional Needs of GT Students ONLINE SESSION (March 21-May 6)
  • Humanities Learning Opportunity:

  • Retirement Dinner: If you are planning on retiring this school year, please mark your calendar for the GCISD Retirement Dinner on May 5, 2016.

2016-2017 Information

Check here to keep apprised of events, information, and opportunities for next school year.

Service Opportunities: Please let Jamie or Tonya know if you are interested!

  • CHAMPIONS: One staff member from each campus/department serves on this committee, serving a year commitment, learning about the ins and outs of GCISD. Thank you Hayden for representing BES this school year!
  • DEC: One staff member along with one parent from each campus serves on the District Excellence Committee (DEC) for a two year commitment. The DEC is like our CEC, but making decisions at the district level. Thank you Tonya for representing BES on DEC for the past two years!

Staffing Updates

At this time, we have the following openings:

  • 5th grade math
  • Learning liaison
  • Pre-K
We will begin screening for the first two positions in the next couple of weeks. The pre-k position has not yet been posted. We will form hiring committees for each position once we are ready to interview. For each position, we will use a committee of staff members and a committee of students as well as observe a 10 to 15 minute lesson. We will keep you abreast of the hiring situations as we screen candidates and begin conducting interviews.

Dates to Know

  • August 2: Enrollment completion
  • August 6: GCISD Back to School Fair
  • August 15: Welcome back staff!
  • August 16: Convocation at GHS
  • August 17: Workshop
  • August 18: Staff workday & meet the teacher
  • August 19: T-TESS in the morning & staff work time in the afternoon
  • August 22: First day of school!
  • August 26: Welcome back & Rachel's Challenge kick-off assembly 2:00 p.m.

Week at a Glance

What's going on around BES this week?


  • AED Drill
  • Emergency Management Meeting 3:10 p.m.
  • Jamie: PLP meeting 3:15 p.m.
  • Valor Banquet 6:30 p.m.


  • PLCs in Lisa's room
  • Tonya: Testhound 8:00
  • Jamie: CHHS 9:00 - 10:00
  • Abbey: Last Rachel's Challenge meeting 10:30-12:00
  • Rebecca: Webinar from 7:15-8:45
  • Shelly: Training a.m.
  • Vertical Teams 3:10 p.m.: All staff members with a Strengths' book attend
  • Talent Show Dress Rehearsal 3:15 p.m.
  • Happy Birthday Raschel!


  • Jamie: principals’ meeting
  • 4th Grade Math Benchmark
  • Fitness Force- Come join us!


  • Volunteer appreciation lunch in the earning commons from 11:30 - 1:00
  • KC Club


  • Purple out at BES
  • 1st grade to Casa 9:15-2:15
  • Denise Out
  • TSR II & III Due
  • Talent show 6:30 p.m.


  • Rachel's Challenge Rally CHHS