Welcome to the Southern Colonies!

By Jason Morgan

The Geography of the Southern Colonies

Here we have a vast variety of land, from rivers, swamps, to flat lands. All of these types of land are beneficial to anyone living here. Also we are surrounded by the massive Atlantic Ocean! The rivers, especially Chesapeake Bay provide an abundance of fish and drinking water. Swampy low lands give ideal land to grow rice a profitable crop. Flat lands is where most of the farming happens. Plantations are created where people grow many kinds of cash crops. A plus about the geography is the climate. The weather is typically warm and it makes farming season basically year round.

The Economy

The economy is mostly farming. People grow crops and they are transported to other places around the world and boom! You're making money. Although money is not that important here. In the Southern Colonies we trade. People trade crops because it makes it easier than to stress out on money. The important cash crop is tobacco, it is grown everywhere. Other cash crops include rice and indigo. This all happens on plantations where slaves work the fields.

The Government

We have a governor appointed by the king and a legislature to make our laws and protect the rights for our citizens. You can vote if you own property in the Southern Colonies, so you will be involved. There is a upper and lower legislature. The upper one is appointed by the governor and the lower is elected by you guys. Here if you are accused of crime you are allowed a jury and trial, but hopefully you aren't accused of crime.

Religious Freedom

When people migrated over here, it was for religious freedom because they were Protestants. So they wanted to make their colony have religious freedom. The Act of Toleration gave freedom to everybody except it did not extend to Jews

Daily Life

Here people live to far from each other to have a local school. Tutors are hired for people who want to educate their children instead of farming. Wealthy people send their sons to school in England for an education because the have more money for a better education. Women usually work at home instead of an education and during the day people farm.


People use a great deal of slavery here. Slaves work on plantations and slaves are the majority of the population in the Southern Colonies. Slaves are auctioned of in towns for people to own slaves.