Roman Name:Heracles

known as the strongest of all mortals.

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chararcter traits

  • Courage
  • Strength
  • Self confidence


  • Siblings: Iphicles(brother)
  • Parents : Zeus and Alcmena
  • Wife: Megara


  • Brave, on his second of twelve labors he defeated the hydra and it was not a fair fight.
  • Strong, on his first of twelve labors he defeated the Nemean lion.
  • Determined, he finish all twelve labors even though he was risking his life.


  • Lustful(showing strong feelings of sexual desire) he would get with countless woman.
  • Gluttonous(Greedy) He didn't think having as many women as he could was wrong.(while married)
  • Woman, He liked too many women,even when he was married.

Interesting facts

  • The name Hercules is derived from the Etruscan name Hercle. It means 'Glory of Hera', which is ironic because Hera did not like him. In fact she wanted him dead.
  • In agony from the poisoned blood, Hercules begged his father Zeus to let him die, even though he was immortal.
  • He killed Megara(his wife) and their children when he was cursed by Hera.

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