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Monday, January 11, 2021

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Information and Updates

Second Semester - Monday, January 11, 2021

Great job on completing first semester! Second semester begins Monday, January 11th. Let's keep the momentum rolling!
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Kicking Off a Month of Science in January

January is Cabrillo Point Academy's science month! This month we will promote a science experiment every week and will be sharing some resources and opportunities to engage your student!
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This Week's Science Experiment: Balloon Rocket

How do rockets move? What makes a rocket move faster? What makes a rocket go further? Grab some household materials and let's find out!

Click on the button below to conduct the experiment! You will find the Balloon Rocket experiment by scrolling all the way down to March 25th, "Balloon Rocket". Notice all the fun experiments along the way. Watch the video and then open the activity guide on the right, follow the directions and have fun!

Please be sure to take pictures and share them with us on our Facebook and Instagram pages! We LOVE to see our students learning and having fun!

Bill Nye the Science Guy at Home Experiments!

Can't get enough of the at home science experiments? Do you want to engage your student even more? Join Bill Nye the Science Guy for some fun at home experiments!

Find the experiments here.

Join the Mission to Mars Student Challenge!

NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory is using the upcoming Mars Rover landing as a teachable moment for students! They will be leading students in designing and building a mission to Mars with a guided education plan and resources from NASA, join in live stream Q&As with experts, and share student work with a worldwide audience. The challenge culminates on February 18, when students can land their missions along with the Perseverance Mars rover! This opportunity is appropriate for all grades K-12th and includes a guided 5-week education plan for elementary, middle, and high school students with standards-aligned STEM lessons and activities from NASA. Plans are flexible with your schedule and can be completed in whole or in part or in any sequence.

Pre-register to join here.

Coffee and Conversation With Your Family Liaisons!

We hope you will join us for an evening of coffee and conversation on Wednesday, January 27th at 7pm. RSVP is not required.
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Community Connections

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Spring Virtual Clubs will not meet this week due to teacher meetings, but will resume next week. If you have not received an email from your HST with the new Club Hub information and link, please reach out to them and request it. You can also find the link in the Family Resource website.

Here is a quick video, which you can also view in the Club Hub:

If you have any questions, please contact your HST or Gina Garland:

High School

Edgenuity Finals: Please see here for information regarding finals in Edgenuity courses: Edgenuity Finals Week Flyer

ChoicePlus Academy: ChoicePlus Academy Spring Course Live Sessions begin on Wednesday, January 13th. All enrolled students will be notified.

High School Counselor Support

CTE Spotlight:

Did you know that Community Colleges offer courses and programs that prepare learners for employment in specific industries? Demand for workers is high and the pay is competitive!

Here are some programs offered by Fullerton College:

Virtual College Fairs:

The National Association of College Admissions Counselors in partnership with the Common App are offering four College fairs this spring 2021.

TIP: Pay attention to the timezone and adjust accordingly.

Create an account and register here

Student Support/Interventions

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Here is the link to our NEW South Schools Intervention Website:

South Schools Intervention Website

You now have access to our highly anticipated Tier 1 Intervention Programs for Reading to replace our Lively Letters and Sight Words You Can See Videos. In addition to that you will still see our ODI Math Videos, SEL/Growth Mindset Resources, and our Writer’s Workshop Video Lessons.

Please remember to update the link in your bookmarks!

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Office Hours

Tuesdays: 10-11

Thursdays: 1-2

Password: davidson

From Your Intervention Team: Grade Level Tips on Fun Ways to Fill the Learning Gaps This Week Seventh Grade


What 7th grader isn't a gamer? So play a game to learn to and practice adding/subtracting integers.

7.NS.1: I can add and subtract rational numbers. I can show addition and subtraction on horizontal and vertical number line diagrams.

7.NS.1c: I can subtract rational numbers. I can show that the distance between two rational numbers on a number line is the absolute value of their difference. I can apply what I've learned to real-world situations.

7.NS.1d: I can add and subtract rational numbers by applying the properties I have learned

Use Khan academy to help learn about scale drawings of shapes. Then get out a pencil and paper or a whiteboard or your favorite drawing tools, and be creative!

7.G.1: I can use scale drawings of geometric shapes to solve problems. I can figure out actual lengths using scale drawings. I can create a scale drawing of a different size than one I am given.

7.G.2: I can draw geometric shapes when given information about the shape. I can draw triangles when I am given information about their angles or sides. I can realize when the shape drawn will be a unique triangle, more than one triangle, or no triangle.

Did you know that you can help your 7th grader learn about probability and statistics through hands-on, real-life activities? Click here to see how!

7.SP.1: I can discuss the purpose of using statistics. I can understand how generalizations can be made using random and representative samples.

7.SP.2: I can make inferences about data using random samples. I can use samples to estimate or make predictions.

7.SP.6: I can approximate the probability of a chance event happening and make predictions about chance events.

7.SP.7: I can make and use probability models. I can compare models to actual probabilities and explain any major differences.

7.SP.7a: I can create and use a uniform probability model to figure out the probability of events.

Language Arts:

Integrate alliteration, writing, and creativity with the help of this freebie video that shows you how!

RL.7.4: I can tell you the meaning of words and phrases that I have read. I can explain figurative and connotative meanings. I can evaluate how rhymes and alliteration affect pieces of literature.

W.7.3d: I can show action and events in my story using descriptive language, exact words/phrases, and sensory language.

A great way to develop speech/public speaking skills is to ask your HST if you can give an oral report at your next LP meeting. Maybe it’ll be on your favorite book, animal, or food. That part’s up to you!

SL.7.4: I can deliver an oral report to present my claims and findings. I can clearly focus, organize, and support my ideas with facts and details. I can speak at a good pace, at a reasonable volume, and I can use appropriate eye contact.

SL.7.4a: I can deliver an oral argument that supports a claim, organizes evidence clearly and logically, states counterarguments, uses transitions, and contains a conclusion.

SL.7.5: I can use multimedia components and visuals to make the claims and main points in my presentation clear

Here is a week of free lessons on Greek and Latin root words. A fun idea might be to introduce this concept while reading/watching the Percy Jackson books, or while learning about Greek mythology in social studies.

L.7.4b: I can use Greek or Latin root words and affixes as clues to determine what a word means

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Social Emotional Support

Our Mindset Monday’s January Topic is:


Check out our Growth Mindset SEL Website

For more information!

January 11th

TK- 5 10am

6-12th 1pm


English Learners

DELAC Meeting- Janaury 21 @ 5:00 pm

Join our DELAC Board and school administration for updates about English Learners

Zoom Link

English Learner Needs Survey

We would like to hear from you! Please tell us how we can better support your English Learner student by completing this survey.

EL Teaching Strategies with Lisa Mesa

Conversational Skills Types and Oral Questioning January 14 @ 10:00 am

Training Schedule and Zoom Link

ELD Zoom Classes

Our ELD teachers will be offering ELD classes 2 times per week for 45 minutes beginning in February. These classes are designed to support your English Language Learner in speaking, listening, reading and writing. Please contact your HST if you would like your child to participate.

ELPAC Test Preparation Workshops

The ELPAC test will begin in February. In order to help your child be successful on the ELPAC test our ELD teachers Sarah Lucey and Allison Gaddis will be offering test preparation workshops for our English Learner students. Please see dates and times below.


1/20 @ 11am

1/28 @ 1pm


1/21 @ 11am

1/27 @ 1pm


1/21 @ 1pm

1/27 @ 11am


1/20 @ 1pm

1/28 @ 11am

Virtual Field Trips

We are bringing field trips to you... virtually! Click on the flyers to sign up!

Other Fun Virtual Field Trips

California Science Center

Inspire your students and spark their curiosity with Virtual Field Trips, a new California Science Center program for grades K-5. Enjoy access to the California Science Center’s unique exhibits and hands-on science activities, and interact with our skilled team of diverse and passionate educators from the comfort of your classroom or learning environment. Explore NGSS-aligned, grade-level specific content in Life, Physical, and Earth and Space sciences. Each topic will consist of three fun and unique experiences per grade-level, designed for remote learning:

  • FREE minds-on video episode (15-20 minutes in length)
  • FREE hands-on activity guide (for synchronous or asynchronous use)
  • LIVE bookable interactive virtual program with a California Science Center educator (advance reservation required)

Build your own virtual field trip by selecting any or all of the three items listed above, which can be taught in any order or independently. Join the fun here.

Los Penasquitos Canyon

Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve and Adobe has created a great 3 part virtual field trip perfect for younger students, K - 2nd grade!

Learn about why pollinators and plants need each other, how flower parts help with pollination, and how pollinators help people and a virtual hike.

Click on the pictures below for each trip!

Homeschooling Advice

How to Ease the Transition Back to School after a Long Break

At our house, back to school is not easy.

My kids do not look forward to getting back to a school routine after a long break. My kids thrive on routine, and any change in routine requires a period of adjustment.

Over the years, I’ve created a few routines and ideas for helping kids who struggle with routine changes get back into school without creating stress, fears, or tears.

Use these tips to make your own back-to-school experience happier!

1. Start with the Fun Stuff

My daughter’s favorite subject is science. She loves conducting experiments and learning about how the world works. She is a lot more likely to be responsive to a change in routine if that routine involves her favorite activity–science projects. I always try to plan a fun activity for our first day back to school.

Continue reading this article here.

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Graduation and Promotion

Dear 5th, 8th, and 12th Grade Families,

At the end of the school year, Cabrillo Point Academy will host a virtual Promotion & Graduation Ceremony to celebrate the accomplishments of our 5th and 8th-grade students who are promoting to the next grade and our high school graduates!

The ceremony is planned for the third week of May and will be a virtual ceremony.

Please click here to indicate if your student will participate in the Promotion & Graduation Ceremony. We would love it if you complete the survey whether you plan to attend or not, as there is an option to select "Will Not Attend." This will help us to plan for the number of students who would like to participate.

Thank you! This is going to be an amazing celebration!

Homeschooling Resources

Outstanding Direct Instruction (ODI)

Is your child in the 5th grade or higher?

Did your child score in the red on the STAR360?

Would your child benefit from small group instruction?

If you answered yes to those questions, your child may be eligible for Outstanding Direct Instruction (ODI) in math or reading.

ODI is a live, on-line, small group program offered by our Student Services department. In reading, we will focus on comprehension and vocabulary development strategies and skills. In math, classes include multiplication up through multi-step problems. The commitment is for 4 weeks, 2 times per week for 45 minutes per class. Classes are conducted on Mondays - Thursdays. ODI is free for enrolled, eligible students.

Reach out to your HST today!

2020-2021 Online Subscription Package

Have an OSP related question or problem?

Please join our weekly office hours for live support - every Wednesday from 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm


Or, you can email OSP Help!

Please be sure to provide the student’s name and/or district ID and a detailed explanation of the problem so that we may better assist you.

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Student/Teacher IDs

Student/Teacher ID cards are now $20 per ID because bulk ordering prices can no longer be fulfilled. Fill out THIS survey to pay and upload a headshot. You may direct all your questions to the photographer, Michelle McCoy:

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These previously recorded webinars are available to view. Join us as we present a showcase of popular (school approved and secular) curriculum to our community. Families also have the opportunity to learn more about some popular curriculum options directly from the vendors!

School Calendar

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Educational Tools

I Can Statements

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Community and Connection

Facebook Page

We would love to see more families in our Facebook group! Follow this link to join the conversations, stay up-to-date with our virtual events, and to get more virtual resources.

Please note: There are three questions that need to be answered in order to join. The group is for currently enrolled families only.

Instagram Page

If you are on instagram, we'd love to hear from you! Join our page, learn about our upcoming events and field trips, and tag us in your homeschooling photos!

Cabrillo Point Academy Family Liaison

Shaemanique King - OC Family Liaison

I am a mom of four children, ranging in ages from 2 to 9 years old, and have homeschooled for the past five years. I consider my homeschooling style to be “eclectic” as I draw from many sources and philosophies. I enjoy planning and hosting activities and events and look forward to interacting with and supporting homeschooling families!

Yvonne Kahlen - OC Family Liaison

I have been a homeschooling mom for sixteen years. I have three children ranging in age from 16 to 21. I homeschooled my two oldest from Kindergarten through 12th grade. My youngest is currently a junior in high school and taking college courses concurrently. I am passionate about homeschooling and love that you can tailor your curriculum to your child’s learning style. I am excited to work with other homeschooling parents and look forward to meeting you at an event soon! Happy schooling!


We would like this newsletter to best reflect the needs of our community! If you have any suggestions or input, please complete this survey. We appreciate your feedback!

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