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9th grade Second Semester Recognition Edition

Recognizing Bronco Excellence in the 9th Grade!

Varsity Letters- 9th grade

Congratulations to these outstanding athletes, who have earned their Varsity letter for Spring season sports!

Boys Golf

Ozzy Layton

Boys Lacrosse

Nicholas Hernandez

Jack Richardson


Makenna Choi

Savannah Talmadge

Boys Swimming

Brady Cannon

Connor Griffin

Ethan Kengla

Kyle Kengla

Marcus Manuel

Girls Swimming

Kaya Andresen

Geetha Chandrasekaran

Vlada Chekurova

Claire Mohrland

Brooke Sullivan

Oyu Tuvshintugs

Boys Tennis

Jory Leach

Track and Field

Danica Kirkham

Carmen Urmson

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GPA Improvement

These 9th grade students have persevered shown marked improvement and raised their GPA in just one semester by a remarkable degree!

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Special Teacher Recognition - 9th grade

Second Semester Honor Roll

Congratulations to these 9th grade students for their academic achievement second semester-

with GPA's of 3.5-3.74, they have made the honor roll!

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Special Teacher Recognition- 9th Grade

Second Semester High Honors

Congratulations to these 9th grade students for their outstanding academic achievement

second semester, making the high honors list with GPA's of 3.75-3.99.

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Special Teacher Recognition -9th grade

Second Semester Principal's List

Congratulations to these 9th grade students for crushing their second semester, with GPA's of 4.0.

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Other Student Recognition by their teachers

From Ms. Selinger:

  • David Harris- David has improved in English and I appreciate the care he put forth throughout his I-Search!
  • Matty Biener- I appreciate the way Matty challenged himself throughout the I-Search project!
  • Keira Indick- Keira works extremely hard and she cares about her work. Keep it up!

From Mr. Bauleke:

  • Adelaide Mannion- Adelaide comes into class, humming a song and a smile on her face. She has a positive energy and a thoughtful consideration for everyone.

From Ms. Jenkins:

  • Lillian Novotny - Lillian demonstrates overall excellence in every aspect of English class and home work, from effort to performance to participation. Additionally, she is often a spontaneous peer tutor in study session.

Northgate Academic Honors

Students who earn a 3.5 or better each semester are celebrated in a progressive honor system, through their senior year. The tiers are as follows:

1 semester- Certificate of Accomplishment

2 semesters- Certificate of Commendation

3 semesters- Academic Letter- this is a tackle twill letter, similar to a Varsity letter for athletics- students who earn this achievement may select to purchase the letter for $10, and will be awarded a certificate as well.

4 semesters- Certificate of Academic Achievement

5 semesters- Certificate of Academic Excellence

6 Semesters- Certificate of Distinction *(skipped with COVID Spring 2020 semester)

7 semesters- Northgate Academic Honors Cord (Awarded at 6 semesters for those with Spring 2020 semester exemption)

9th grade students were awarded certificates of accomplishment in May this year. Those earning their Certificate of Commendation will receive it in the 2022-23 school year.

Northgate awarded US News & World Report Top Ranking- Year 7!

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