Dress Code

What We Think and How We Should Solve This Problem

By Abby Tipton and Jensen DeRiso

What Students Think...

Many students believe that the dress code is too strict and that we should have more freedom on what we wear but still be modest. For example wearing shorts that are too short are NOT okay to wear to school. Ashliegh Frank, in 8th grade thinks that we should have more freedom in what we wear but still cover the 4 b's. 7th period Mrs. Wilemon's varsity girls agree that the dress code is too strict, along with Mrs. Davis's 7th period 6th grade language arts class. One 6th grader in Mrs. Davis's class said that if they make a rule, they need to give a logical reason why that rule is made.
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What Our Teachers Think...

Teachers at Wilson disagree with the students and say that the dress code is fine the way it is or that it needs to be more strict. Mrs. Greiner says the dress code should stay the same because if we become less strict kids will start to misbehave, but if we become more strict she feels like kids would not be able to express themselves. Mrs. Ruelas believes that the dress code needs to be stricter because kids are out of control.

Our Problem and How to Fix it (2 paragraphs)

The problem is that the dress code is too strict. As students we would like to have more freedom in what we wear. A solution is too repeal or explain why that rule was created. Another solution is let the students have a say in the dress code while still being safe and reasonable.

After these rules are made, if multiple teachers say that the outfit the student is wearing is inappropriate the student will be required to change. Things like hats or shorts that are mid-thigh should either be explained or allowed for students to wear. Students will be required to follow the dress code or lose the freedom of wearing whatever if they break the rules numerous times. By doing this it will allow students to have more freedom and be able to express themselves, but still set boundaries and guidelines.