Hurricanes are the most devastating storms. They can rain for days and the damage is unreal,with winds up to 150 miles per hour.

Hurricanes form off the coast of Africa. They start out as a tropical depression. The tropical depression gains strength over the warm water. Then once the the wind speeds reach 39 miles per hour it becomes a tropical storm. As it gains more and more strength the wind speeds increase to 74 miles per hour. Then it becomes a hurricane. Then once it becomes a hurricane it is then named a categorized.


Hurricane are named from a list; there are six list. There are twenty names on each list. Every six years the lists are changed. So in the year 2018, we will be using the sames list as the one used in 2012. Also if a hurricane causes too much damage or cost to a lot of money, the name is taken off the list. A new name is chosen to replace the one that was taken off.


Hurricanes are categorized by the wind speeds and storm surges. The wind speeds for a category 1 hurricane are 74-95 miles per hour, category 2 96-110, category 3 111-129, category 4 130-156 miles per hour, a category 5 hurricane is the most powerful hurricane with wind speeds up to 156 miles per hour or more.


Hurricane Floyd had winds up to 110 miles per hour when it hit North Carolina. There where storm surges up to 9-10 feet. Hurricane Floyd just started out as a tropical depression on September 2,1999. Then as the tropical depression got stronger over the warm water it then became a tropical storm. Hurricane Floyd was getting even stronger. A giant mass of moist air is really what they are. Hurricane Floyd had gained lots and lots of strength over the warm water. It was a category 4 hurricane and it hit the Bahamas, going over the island weakened it but not by much. The hurricane was making a B line for the U.S. On September 16,1999 hurricane Floyd hit the coast of North Carolina as a category 2 hurricane. It slammed Cape Fear, North Carolina. There were 19.06 inches of rain reported in Wilmington, North Carolina. The hurricane continued up the coast losing strength as it went. The last place that it hit was New England and there it became a tropical storm. After that it became scattered showers.

I hope that you have learned a lot about hurricanes. Now you can tell your friends how hurricanes form and how they gain strength. ENJOY