Are you forced to wait until 21?

Is it smart to change the driving age?

Should the driving age be raised to 21? INTRODUCTION

There are many reasons I chose this topic of " Should the driving age be raised to 21?"

I choose the side of no- it should not be raised to 21. My reasons are: College students would not have enough time, they need to be experienced drivers before driving other friends around, and some single parents need help with chores, and driving other siblings around before college.

First point- College students

If the driving age was raised from 16 to 21, you would have to start Drivers ED when you are twenty or so- College students would NOT have time to do the steps that are required in order to become a legal driver. Little to say some high school students do not have the time to take these steps to become a legal driver, this being some sophomores ARE attending college level classes. If we had to drive our kids around until they graduate High school we(parents) are like Chauffeurs to them!! This point states my reason. "Do we really want to chauffeur our kids everywhere, up until the point they graduate high school, go off to college, or even join the military?" this fits my argument because, if parents had to drive their kids around IN college some wouldn't be able to. Some kids move to different states to attend certain colleges. What would they do when the kids need groceries? Clothes? Food? They would not be able to unless the college they attended had a bus that takes them from place to place, and that is way less safe than just keeping the driving age the same. Of course some of y'all are saying "use and pay for a taxie duh" but those are not as safe, especially with college students. The college student below obviously looks like she has no time to do anything but study. Now that might not always be the case but i'm sure for some people attending college it is.
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Second point- Parents need help

16 is a good driving age for students to get their drivers license. Some parents have full time jobs- when the kids get older a lot of the time, parents get a job and start full time. If a single parent did full time, and had a 16 year old and a 7 year old then the parent would need to transport BOTH kids all the way through high school, and the college students would need to find transportation themselves freshman, Sophomore, and JR year...This would be incredibly inconvenient due to the fact-once you get to college you have to get you own supplies, groceries ETC... You could not do that if you can not drive at 21. The evidence I have chosen says- "no matter where she ends her night on Friday or Saturday, she usually texts her parents around 11 p.m. and gives them the time and place where she’d like to be picked up." This photo explains a lot. Some parents dream about the day their kids get their license because parents need help with Errands, driving other sibling around ETC... you don't want to have to wait until half way through college chauffeuring them around do you?
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third point- they need time

students need time to learn how to COMPLETELY drive a good 1 year BEFORE college. if the student does not know how to drive until 21 they would have to pay for teacher taught drivers ED because their parents may not be alive, or be able to teach because they would live in a different state. Some college students get married IN college and have kids right when they get out- they would need at least 2 years of driving before driving a kid around with distractions. this evidence states that students are more at risk with passengers and need time before driving friends. If you got your license in college all you do is drive friends home for the weekend, or take them with you from class to class. MAJOR distraction and almost impossible to avoid while in college. "For teen drivers, as the number of passengers increase, teen crashes increase. Driving is a “new skill” for teens, and they need to pay close attention. Teen passengers can be a major distraction. Teen passengers may intentionally or unintentionally encourage friends to speed, show off , or not pay enough attention to driving." Below is a car wreck of a college student who was texting and driving. he ended up in the hospital, serious condition, age 21, and was in the hospital for 6 months. this is why students need time to learn how to drive properly before driving at the age 21, like they want to change i to. parent would not be there for the kids to tell them rules of driving because they wold be in college. this is why the driving age should not be changed to 21. Stafford, Shane.
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In conclusion, I think the driving age should not be raised to 21 being- They need time before driving all of their family around or friends, some single parents need help with driving other kids around and errands ETC... and college student would not have time to take drivers ED and pass the text with the excessive tests, exams, and quizzes they have to go through. Plus I mean who wants to wait 5 more years until they are free to drive? Because everyone dreams of the day that... and no one wants to wait any longer.
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