The Murder Mystery!

GreenWich Village ,New York 1954 By: Serena Estrada


Murder today In Near By Apartments. Neighbor said he saw a Man killing his wife, and believes to have buried her in the Garden outside there home. It all started when the wife was being very rude. From what I know the Neighbor was spying on them due to there strange behaviors and he seemed to have captured a murder in the action. L.B Jefferies the man who witnessed the crime happen told me he saw a man go in and out of his house at long hours of the night. Also that he hasn't seen the wife in a long time, the last time he saw her was the night he believed the murder happened because the next morning she was no where to be seen. L.B Jefferies believed that the killer sawed his wife into small pieces and scattered her body parts all over a near by river.

Feminism today vs the 1950's

Feminism in today's world: *Women have a voice in today's society. *You see more women doing job made for men. * Criticized on everything we do. * Women still want a perfect body in today's society.

Feminism in the 1950's: Many women started to work outside of there homes. *Did not have a say in the society(could not vote). *Obsessive gender roles.*Perfect body.

The connection between feminism today and in the 1950's is the women still care about there appearances and that to me is a waste of time. It's not what's on the outside that matters but the inside. Also women have been and are still very independent, we don't wait for anyone or anything. The last comparison between these two time periods are that women have always been working, even if it was inside there home or in a factory.

Little girls spend there time helping there mom's or older sister's with cleaning the house and by doing this , it will help them in the future to take care of her own family.