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Acid Fog

On Mars there is something called acid fog that is thinning the landscape. The fog was likely created by the scarce water and the acid vapors from volcanoes. The fog leaves a gel that reduces the rocks into a pile of melted rock. The fog though hadn’t affected the rocks as much where the sun shone brightly.

Book reviews and suggestions!

The books that I think you should read are: A Jewish Soldier in Hitler’s Army , Ties that Bind , Ties that Break, Rump, Land of stories, The Body in the Woods. These books contain adventure, mystery, fear, responsibility, and much more. Read them.

Ties that Bind, Ties that Break: In 1911 Ailin is a lively girl from a firm family, and for tradition is expected to have her feet bound for marriage. Her father is one such man who wants the traditions, which preserved the power of the Chinese Empire will not go on much longer.

A Jewish Soldier in Hitler’s Army
: As a young adult in World War II , Vienna Georg Rauch helped his mother hide tons of Jews from the Nazi’s behind pretend walls in their apartment, and try to get them out of the country. Then came one day, when he was drafted into Hitler’s army...

Rump: In a mythical kingdom, where your name is your destiny, a boy named Rump is the boy who always gets laughed at because of his name. But when he finds his mother’s old spinning wheel, his life starts to change. He finds out that if he spins wool/straw, it turns into gold. His( only) friend Red warns him about the price of magic. Then he gets a curse and he must find a way to break it.

The Body in the Woods: Alexis, Nick, and Ruby are three teens who join the Portland Country Sheriff’s Search and Rescue. But instead they find a dead body. The three teens must find the killer before he kills one of them.

Land of Stories: This book is about two twins Alex, and Conner who fall into a world of fairy tales. They face dangers such as trolls goblins, witches, wolves. Some of these stories, the boys have never read. But getting home might be the hardest part of all. ​

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Most fish are able to swim backwards.

Cats have over 100 vocal chords!

An ostrich's eye is bigger than its brain?

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