background verification

How global background verification can be beneficial?

Human resource is the most important asset for every company which necessitates every corporate to take utmost care while hiring new employees. It is now a common practice amongst companies to conduct thorough background check before having new hires on-board. Companies cannot afford to risk wrong hires as it can badly affect company’s reputation along with margins. They have to spend more time, efforts and money to find a potential replacement, along with the chances of facing a lawsuit in case the employee proves to be dishonest, unethical or defrauds the company.

In the era of technological shift and excessively liberal economy, a careful and thorough background verification, coupled with robust monitoring system, helps in keeping the hiring error rate low. Global background verification process helps in improving the workforce and new hiring quality, especially when hiring takes place across geographies.

Global background verification is a process which looks into various aspects of the individual. It confirms and attains various information about a person in order to take an informed decision. Background screening is a tool that can make organisation's future ready for any upcoming fraudulent behaviour of employees.

Conducting a pre-employment background check saves the organization of unnecessary training costs if in case the background check raises red flags. A good background check process is capable of identifying the aspects of a job candidate’s background on the basis of the hierarchical level and job role that should be rigorously checked. For example, a job primarily bend towards technical contribution, the individual’s technical prowess, relevant job experience and technical qualifications may sound perfect but the skills could be acquired across countries. Hence, it is useful to find out the truth of information relevant to different geographies.

Global verification of candidates is significantly helpful in improving quality of hires, reducing employee misconduct and eliminating the risk of negligent hiring litigation.

A single platform that enables clients to seek help for all their global verification needs through a hassle free mechanism is the need of the hour.

An automated platform for various screening needs can be extremely beneficial due to the following:
• Real-time verification
• Reduced fraud
• Compliance with global laws and regulations
• Competitive pricing when compared to traditional verification
Employing a consistent verification methodology across all industries combined with automation to provide increased efficiency, consistency and better performance capabilities available on a single platform is the ultimate goal.