Google Play vs Apple iTunes


Google Play vs iTunes

Apple iTunes is for Apple and Google Play is more for android. If you have an iPhone, iPod, iPad, or any other apple product, you would probably want to use iTunes, as where if you had a Galaxy Tab or another android object you would use Google Play. These are two different websites and although they might seem the same, they are not.
As of today, Apple has the biggest catalog of music and videos with more than 28 million songs and 45,000 movies as of April, and more than 85,000 TV episodes as of last October. With Google Play, you can upload up to 20,000 songs.
Although Google Play does mostly what iTunes does, it is said that iTunes quality in music and movies is much better than Google Play. Online reviews claim that Google Play is just a little cheaper than iTunes.
Many reviews also say that Google Play is easier to access faster than iTunes. For both Google Play and iTunes you need to make an account before you download music, but on Google Play, you can preview songs without having a log-in account.
I think that is much cooler because you can preview what you are going to be purchasing without even having to make a private account. As of the app availability, there is no favorite app of mine that is on one OS but not the other; but there might be for somebody else.
As of 2012, Google Play has up to 450,000 apps to download. I could not find a specific number of how many apps you could download on iTunes, but on the Apple website, they claim to "have the world’s largest collection of mobile apps." Many reviews online say that they are more pleased with Apple iTunes because it has less bugs in it, whereas online reviews for Google Play claims to say "it only works half of the time."
For an overall thought, I would have to say I prefer iTunes over Google Play, just because I am more of an apple person. I would say that Google Play, however, does have an easier layout page both online and mobile. I found iTunes to be a little more technical with their overall performance, whereas Google Play makes it a little easier to access movies and music in an easier fashion.