The least common, deadliest thyroid cancer

What happens?

Anaplastic thyroid cancer comes from other thyroid cancers. It can come years after radiation exposure to the thyroid glands. Once it is present it is aggressive and invasive. The thyroid is effected and 25% of the time it spreads to the trachea. It can spread to the lymph nodes and then distant organs.


There is not a proven cause of any Thyroid Cancer, but it starts with an imbalance of genetic material. The genetic mutation causes abnormal cells to start rapidly developing. The cells never die like other cells which causes a tumor to grow. Anaplastic Thyroid cancer is the fastest type of thyroid cancer. It comes from another type of thyroid cancer which starts from the genetic mutation imbalance.


Some of the major symptoms are:

Lump in the neck

Pain in the front of the neck

Change in voice/hoarse voice

Persistent cough coming from a cold


Anaplastic thyroid cancer has a very low cure rate. Many patients that have anaplastic thyroid cancer have to have a tracheotomy if there cancer has spread. Treatments are very aggressive and many times are surgeries.

Quote from

"Anaplastic tumors are the least common (only 1% of all thyroid cancer cases) and most deadly of all thyroid cancers."
Faith Swanger