I Know the River Loves Me

Presented by Sydney Brown EDEL 411 Section B

Information About the Book

Author & Illustrator: Maya Christina Gonzalez

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Topic/Theme: Love and respect for nature

Awards: Americas Award Honorable Mention Winner

Christina Gonzalez, M. (2009). I know the river loves me. Children’s Book Press.

About the Author & Illustrator

Maya Christina Gonzalez was born in California but eventually moved to Oregon where she discovered and began the foundation for her love of nature. Throughout her childhood, Maya loved to paint and draw. So it comes as no surprise that Maya started out her career in children's literature solely as an illustrator. Over the years, her love for these books developed and she eventually started writing them. For more information about Maya, click on the link below.

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Maya Christina Gonzalez uses charcoal and ink in this book. Maya uses charcoal for the girl and ink for the river. The charcoal truly makes the girl stand out while the ink makes the environment flow.

Criteria for High Quality Multicultural Literature

1. This book demonstrates unique style. The flowing style and bright colors of this book lend themselves to the natural culture. The Spanish culture is known for dancing, and the swirly lines in the book characterize that feeling well. The colors in this book also lend themselves to the natural Spanish flare in traditional dress.

2. Themes are consistent with the values, beliefs, customs, traditions and conflicts of the specific cultural group. Spanish culture is very attuned with nature and this book represents that well. The girls hears the river calling her and knows that the river loves her. These examples are very consistent with what the Spanish culture values.

3. This book has an appealing format and is of endearing quality. With its bright colors and bold lines, this book is very relatable for students. Students will be able to see the world in this story like they see it in real like.

Lesson Idea

Grade 2

RL.2.2 – Recount stories, including fables and folktales from diverse cultures, and determine their central message, lesson, or moral.

The students will be able to determine the main meaning or message in this story and apply it to their own life.

Lesson Procedure:

· I will start off the lesson by telling the students that this book is bilingual. This means that it is in English and Spanish. I will read the book in English and someone else will read it in Spanish (either one of the ELL students in my class or someone in the school that knows Spanish).

· After the story has been read we will have a class discussion. I will ask the question “What importance did the river have to the girl,” “What did it mean to her?” Students will give responses along the lines of “the river is very important because it was always there for her “(I will prompt them if necessary). I will then ask the students how the girl knew that the river loved her.

· I will now give the students a paper with a river drawn on it and room to write at the bottom. I will ask the students to think of something in their life that is always there for them. I will have them write about it on the bottom of the paper and in the river they will find ways to creatively represent that thing or person that they described. They can draw pictures or use phrases or words in the river. After everyone is done, each student will stand up and say a couple of sentences about what they chose. Then we will hang them up in the room with a title of “I Know I am Loved.”


I Know the River Loves Me by slbrown3