Extraordinary Antique Mansion

Asking Price: $666,666

Exterior Features

This mansion is the definition of the word "antique." With its vintage Gothic architecture and the beautiful moat surrounding it, it seems almost like a castle straight out of a fairy tale. Its slight discoloration, due to its age, adds a certain charm and authentic quality. The house also comes with an immense stretch of land, and is perfect for someone looking for a home with a fascinating history and a story to tell.
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Interior Features

The interior of the house is a wonderful example of authentic Gothic architecture, with intricate halls and passageways, lofty ceilings, and long, ornate windows. The Ushers left behind many furnishings, including beautiful, antique pieces such as tapestries and armorial trophies. Interior design artist Edgar Allan Poe calls it "Perfectly vintage, with a quality and authentic feeling you just can't find in today's modern-style homes!" So, if you love the authentic feeling of a castle from the medieval time period, this could be the home for you.

History of Previous Owners

The Usher family was a great, strong line that lasted for many generations. The mansion was passed down from sire to son over the years, and many of the family lived together in its magnificent halls. The late owner of the house, Roderick Usher, lived there alone with his sister, Madeleine, and a few servants. The Ushers were a very close-knit family; Roderick Usher took care of his ailing sister up until her last days, when they both perished on the same unfortunate night. Sadly, neither Roderick nor Madeleine bore any children, so the Usher house was left with no one to call it home; thus came around "The Fall of the House of Usher." However, now, for this excellent price, you could be the one to restore it to its magnificence and once again bring life to its walls.


The mansion comes with about 150 acres of beautiful grassland and magnificent trees. In addition to the moat surrounding the house there is another, wonderfully quaint small pond on the property that would be perfect for picnics on a summer evening. With so much space, you could do anything you want; start a garden, or an orchard, or maybe have a guest house built. You could have a stable built, if horses are your passion; the property would be a great place to ride. You could put anything on the property to make the estate yours. You have all the space you need, now it's time to get creative!


As this is a very old mansion, there are of course a few complications. It was withstood the test of time fairly well, but there is a slight crumbling of some of the stonework, and a fissure can be seen running down the side of the mansion. Keep in mind that the building is perfectly safe and structurally sound, it just needs a little love. There is also a chance that the building could be haunted, as the deaths of the last two residents occurred simultaneously and unpleasantly, and the late Madeleine and Roderick Usher also both exhibited signs of mental issues. Don't let this discourage you! If you have an adventurous spirit and want to learn more about the history of this mansion, give us a call today!

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