NO texting while driving

safe driving PSA

what to do when you are driving

NO texting while driving because you need eyes on the road and two hands on the wheel.If your not looking at the road and your texting you can get in a bad accidents.You need to hands on the wheel so you wont get into a accident.If you re driving with one hand that is bad.
some people love to text but when your driving that's a bad one.61% of people love to text while driving because they think that they can drive with one and keep there eyes on the road and on the phone.The fatal crashes under 20 years old texting is 10% because some 20 year old people don't text while they drive but some of them do text while they drive.20% of teens and 10% of parents admit that they have extended multi message text conversation while driving.10% for teens because they don't know the consequences that come with texting and driving or that they are bored while they are driving.20% for parents because they think that texting and driving is not a big dill.
It hurt other people because when they die because they had lost there life and fellings.It effects the community because we lose people that die when they text and drive.It is really dangerouos texting while driving and its by the law.And you can go to jail.
This is for the tennagers because I know that teenagers love to text there friends but when u are in the car and driving you need to put your phone away and eyes on the road.If you have a friend in the car with you and he or she is on there phone and you on your phone too that's not good because no one is not looking at the road.And u can run someone over if they are crossing the street or a red light.If you are not looking at the road you are not in a safe zone you are in a dangerous zone.