A tour of my life!

Take the tour of my favorite three places

The tour of my life!

Thursday, April 4th, 5pm to Sunday, April 7th, 7pm

All around the United States

Want to see where the famous Julie Van Slooten loved to go? Well now you can! this four day, three night trip will provide key points of the trip along my journey to stardom. There are a few different benefit packages. [See below]

Family of 5 - Have a family of 5 and want to take a trip? Well here's the package for you! For only $100.00 you can go to all three places and still have money to buy souvenirs.

Family of 4 - Say you have a family of 4 like I did. The price for this package id $80.00, think about the extra money you save!

Family of 3 - A family of three, a small family. For only $60.00 you can take this trip!

Family of 2 - A package that only costs $40.00! This is the perfect package for a single parent with one child. Or, maybe you wanted to take your newly wed husband/wife on a trip. Why not choose this one?

{Add on $40.00 if you would like to add the meal plan on this trip}

Let's talk.

Welcome to the tour of my life! Ever wonder where some people like to go before they became famous? Well no need to wonder anymore! This trip will bring you closer to knowing places to look for me at. First up we'll go to the Santa Monica Pier in sunny California. Next, we'll go to my old family cabin located in Polk County, Wisconsin. The last place we'll visit is located by where I grew up, The Quality Inn and Suites, Bloomington, Minnesota. On this tour, we will be outside a lot, but we will also be in a few hotels so that everyone has something to do.

First up: The Santa Monica Pier

I was in complete awe when I first saw the pier while we were looking for a beach to swim at. When we were leaving, I flicked a rock so hard over the water it skipped for a while. The first stop on the tour is located in sunny California. This sunny pier is located in Santa Monia, CA. It includes quite a few little souvenir shops. When I was first here in the summer of 2010, I had a wonderful time. The pier is like a mini Mall Of America I think. A few different movies have shot scenes on the famous pier such as: Forrest Gump (1994), Hannah Montana: The Movie (2009), and Love Stinks (1999).

[Photo courtesy of Rhonda Van Slooten]

Next: Polk County, Wisconsin: The Green Cabin

The cabin is located in Luck, Wisconsin. Here at the Green Cabin, you'll never find an inch of boredom unless you dislike the outdoors. The cabin I went to every year from the years of 2003 - 2009. This cabin is located in Polk County WI, where quite a few of my family members live. This cabin features five beds, one located in the bedroom and the other four located in the attic space. There's also one bathroom, a kitchen, dining, bedroom, and a living room with a hide-a-bed. When we're at the cabin, the sky might cry due to a bad fishing season. I always feel like a powerful swimmer when I emerge out of the water after swimming for a while. Polk County was named after James K. Polk, the eleventh president of the United States. Polk County was established in 1853.

[Photo courtesy of Randy Van Slooten]

The last stop: The Quality Inn and Suites. Bloomington, MN

This place was like a second home to me. Everyone is considerate there! The most important things that have happened to me here would have to be learning to swim in the fabulous pool and having the experience that everyone else gets, sleeping in the room and getting the free continental breakfast. My sister and I used to, and still do, sprint down to the pool when we want to swim. They have so many choices of rooms, breakfast foods, and the front desk workers are extremely polite. I'm not just saying that because I've known them for a long time either. I've seen the way travelers get checked in, and you'll want to come here for a relaxing trip. Whether it be out of state, just out of city, or even out of country come here and you'll be treated like family. This hotel earned 3 diamond awards. Diamond awards are only for the top hotels.

[Photo courtesy of Quality Inn and Suites General Manager, Tim Ronaye]

Agenda for the trip

Thursday, April 04:

6:00am: Ride shuttle to MSP Airport.

7:00am: Board plane. 4 1/2 hours to catch up on needed sleep.

11:30am/12:00pm: Get off plane at LAX and board bus headed to Santa Monica Pier.

12:30pm: Shop at Santa Monica Pier.

5:30pm: Stop shopping. (I'm terribly sorry Annie)

5:45pm: Get on bus to go get food.

6:00pm: Finish eating and get to hotel.

6:30-7:30: Get checked in and go to rooms.

7:30-10:00pm: Anything to do inside the hotel.

10:15pm: Get into rooms and get sleep.

Friday, April 05:

8:00am: Check out of hotel.

8:30am: Board bus to LAX.

9:00am: Board plane to Romeo Airstrip Airport, Balsam Lake, Wisconsin. 3 1/2 Hour trip to do what you want on the plane.

12:30/1:00pm: Get off plane.

1:15pm: Get food if you haven't eaten on the plane.

2:00pm: Find bus and board.

2:15-2:50pm: Ride bus to Bone Lake, Luck, Wisconsin.

3:00pm: Take a short stretch break.

3:05pm: Get back on bus and go to Cabin.

3:20pm: Arrive at Green Cabin.

3:25pm: Unpack for a night stay. [This includes blowing up air mattresses as need]

3:50pm: Swimming/Boating/Paddle boating/Canoeing/Wind surfing/Fishing or other activities.

5:00pm: Stop activities and get ready for a nice dinner.

5:30pm: Walk across the street to Calderwood Lodge Supper Club.

7:00pm: Finish dinner and go back to the cabin.

7:10pm: Go get fireworks from store.

7:40pm: Get back to the cabin and get ready to play with fire!!

7:45pm: Play with fire!

9:45pm: Get done with fireworks.

10:00pm: I don't care as long as it's not illegal.

11:00pm: Get some rest.

Saturday, April 06:

9:00am: Wake up.

9:30am: Make breakfast in the cabin.

10:00am: Pack up after eating.

11:00am: Leave the cabin.

11:10am: Get on bus. 1 hour 40 minutes to do stuff on the bus.

12:55pm: Get off bus at Quality Inn and Suites Bloomington.

1:00pm: Get luggage and go get checked into rooms.

1:30pm: Get ready to go swimming/relax in hot tub.

5:00pm: Get out of hot tub/pool.

5:30pm: Go over to Denny's and eat.

7:30pm: Finish dinner.

7:35pm: Go back to hotel and watch a movie or something.

*Whenever your movie or whatever is done/over, go to bed*

Sunday, April 07:

8:00am: Get up.

8:15am: Go get breakfast.

9:00am: Get done with breakfast.

9:15am: Get checked out and go home.