So much to do: Violet goes to Titus’ house. She tells Titus that she wants to do many things, including go down to the ocean. And then She confesses to Titus that she has been kept the secret for a few weeks. After them done talking, they hold each other until Titus mother comes in. And then Violet has dinner with Titus and his mother. After dinner, Titus drive Violet home.

Seashore: Titus and Violet go to seashore, they see very thing is dead. Violet tells Titus that her body will going to be worse. Titus interrupt violet's talking and tell her he like her.

Limbo and Prayer: Titus go to school and see Quendy's artificial lesion, and he thinks it is so stupid. Titus talks with Violet. And Violet decide to go to party with Titus.

literary lenses


“I’ve never been underwater for a really long time.”

“I been down on a couple of vacations into the really deep part. It’s pretty good. There’s a lot of stuff to do.”

psychoanalytic :

“Just that Violet is always, like you said. She’s always looking for stuff about the decline of civilization, and everything’s a mess, da da da.”

essential question

To what extent does media influence personal appearance, self-image, and choice?

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discussion question

Do Titus’s actions (and non-actions) in relation to Violet strike you as unrealistic? How does Titus’s concept of love differ from Violet’s? Does Titus love her?