Please Stop Laughing at Me

By Jodee Blanco


Please Stop Laughing at Me is a book about a girl named Jodee being bullied at school. Jodee is the main character and she get verbally and physically bullied by her classmates. Throughout the book Jodee tries to start over with everyone at school but no matter how hard she tries her classmates just find a new thing to bully her about. Page 138 is a good example of Jodee trying to start over with her classmates “come on, you guys, we’re not in junior high anymore. Let’s start fresh” “Fat chance they proclaim, rolling their eyes conspiratorially”. Please Stop Laughing at Me shows the story of how bullying can affect someone.

Character Analysis

Jodee is a girl and starting from a young age she would get bullied by her classmates. She is good in english class and lives with her mom and dad. She has went to many new schools because of the bullying a quote that shows her moving a lot is “ The next month, I was enrolled at Morgan Hills Academy ”(page 42).


The main conflict throughout the book is the main character Jodee being bullied by the people at school. The book shows jodee being bullied in many different grades and times in her life. She always is trying to fix something about herself to make her more likeable. The end of the book it shows Jodee at her high school reunion and she says “I can finally forgive them… and myself” (page 268).


One of the themes for the book Please Stop Laughing at Me could be trying to fit in with everybody else. Jodee doesn't want to be an outcast at school she wants to fit in with the popular crowd. She does things that she thinks will make people want to be her friends. Jodee sticks up for other people that are being bullied and that makes the people at school want to pick on her more. Jodee gets depressed from always being bullied and it makes her not want to leave the house. This happens to her throughout the book.

Textual Evidence

The book Please Stop Laughing at Me has lots of important parts to the story. One of them is where the bullying gets so bad it makes Jodee just want to stay in her house “By the end of sophomore year, I have no desire to leave the house anymore”(page 166). I chose that quote because it really shows how all of the bullying is affecting Jodee.

Book review

I would give Please Stop Laughing at Me 4 stars. I would give it this because of how it shows lots of detail of all the things that happened to Jodee throughout when she went to school. Also I think it does a good job of showing how bullying is affects someone.

Jodee Blanco on what NOT to say to a bullied child

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