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Victor Fields Elementary

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Principal's Message

Let's Be Better This Year!

As we start this new year with greater clarity, a greater determination to succeed and a renewed commitment, I ask you to join me in the following – let's "be better" together!

• Let's Be Better in our work – think creatively, efficiently and get the details right.
• Let's Be Better with our students – in how we prepare, how we communicate and how we add value.
• Let's Be Better with our teammates – in how we support each other, how we communicate and how we care about them as people.
• Let's Be Better with our families – in how we communicate, encourage and support them.

• Let's Be Better to ourselves! – in our self-talk, in our personal expectations and in our commitment to being all that we can be.

We control how we approach our days. Join me in committing to being better every day! Learn more. Be more responsive. Be more connected. Be more aware. Be tougher. Be more resilient. Be more creative. Be more present. Just be better.

Thank you for your loyalty and effort. I look forward to a great, productive and successful NEW YEAR!

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  • Shout-out to Mr. Garcia; great job with the brief ARDs to meet Exit Criteria! -Ms. Cervantes
  • Shout-out to Mrs. Longoria for hosting our Christmas party at her beautiful home, to Mrs Monica Gonzalez-Williams for taking the lead in organizing and working out the details, and to ALL others who helped make it a great event! -Ms. Cervantes & Ms. Guerra
  • A big thank you to John, Melba, Ileana and Martha for your help setting up for science fair. Thank you to our science fair committee for coming in early and leaving late on a Saturday! Shout out to Carina and Dulce for being open-minded @ the Lead4ward Think! Conference and being ready to implement what you learned. Shout out to Mrs. Guerra and Mrs. Cervantes for your leadership and opportunity to learn more! -M. Ramirez
  • Shout Out to all our students and staff for making our Kids Helping Kids a successful campaign! We had a total of $1,304.32 money donated for this worthy cause and the money stays here in the valley to service our children. Thank you teachers for helping promote this event. Thank you Mrs. Naranjo, Mrs. Ruiz, Mrs. Morales, Mrs. Lopez, Mrs. Sandoval, Mrs. Aguirre for monitoring the students in the library while watching the movie. Thank you Ms. Chavez for having music class with those students who did not see the movie. Thank you Mrs. Perez, Ms. Reyna, Mrs. Garza, Mrs. Mendez for helping count and deposit the donation money. AWESOME JOB!!! -M. Gonzalez-Williams
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Welcome to 2016!

Monday, January 4th

  • Welcome Back!
  • No Tutoring

Tuesday, January 5th

  • 2nd Grade - Math Network Training @ Castaneda
  • 3rd Grade - Science Network Training @ Fields
  • No Tutoring
  • 4pm - CILT Meeting in Library

Wednesday, January 6th

  • 3rd Grade - Math Network Training @ Hendricks
  • 2nd Grade - Science @ Fields
  • 4pm - Marigold Committee Meeting

Thursday, January 7th

    • Flipped PLC Meetings during Conference
    • 8:45am - Campus Spelling Bee in Library (3rd - 5th Grade participants)
    • 4pm - Faculty Meeting

    Friday, January 8th

    • 4th Grade - Math Network Training @ Perez
    • 1st Grade - ELA Network Training

    Star Staff Members of the Week! (BELATED!)

    Mrs. Nicanor & Ms. Villanueva, thank you for all you do for Fields Elementary. We celebrate you!!

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    Staff Members of the Week! (current week)

    Ms. Renteria & Ms. Cantu, thank you for all you do for Fields Elementary. We celebrate you!!

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    Birthdays of the Week!

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