Farewell To Manzanar

Jeanne Wakatsuki-Houston

Are you a teen interested in history? Well you should hear about this book!

"Farewell to Manzanar" By Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston tells the heartfelt story about Jeanne and her family as they are living in a camp for the Japanese, called Manzanar. It takes you through the joys and struggles of staying together as a large family in the camp. They come across cruelty, racism, and horrible living conditions during their stay at Manzanar.

Farewell to Manzanar

What is it about?

The story is about Jeanne, who starts out at the camp as a young girl. After the Japanese bombed Pearle Harbor, all of the Japanese immigrants were placed in camps. They had to stay there and could not leave because Americans thought they were a threat to society. Jeanne grows up at this camp and realizes that she wants to live the American dream, and in the end she got it. But she struggled to get there. Read Farewell to Manzanar to find out what happened in between!