World of tanks news

World of tanks news


MOST PLAYERS ONLINE SIMULTANEOUSLY ON ONE MOG SERVER,The most players online simultaneously on one MOG server were about 2 lakhs players on the RU2 server of World of Tanks by LLP (UK) on 21 January 2013.

The trends of recreation has modified, individuals perpetually search for the sport that has the nice sound effects, graphics and diversion. If you\'re longing for identical kind which might entertains you for the hours, log on and appearance for the tanks on- line games. World of tanks game is one amongst the foremost wonderful net based mostly tank game. it's a multiplayer on-line game developed by Belarusian. This can be a simulation, wherever every player dominant the tank and unbreakable vehicle. World of tanks provide you with a large vary of self-propelled vehicle from the Soviet Union of Italia, Germany, France, Japan and therefore the us. This game was free on twelve August 2010 in USSR.

There are unit four forms of battles within the game area unit random battles, team coaching battles, tank company battles and tribe battles. The players will select anyone of them. World of tanks has enforced on the never concluding battles. Trailers of this amazing game can be found on YoutubeWorld of Tanks

World of tanks provide you with 5 differing kinds of tanks, and various different World of Tanks skins. So if you are having an awfully busy schedule and don't get time to travel outside from the house for the recreation, then you'll have the hours of diversion reception with the world’s one amongst the foremost known game world of tanks. This may undoubtedly assist you to relax and can explore the planet of real recreation.

The number of players was reached at 19:31:02 (Minsk time) (16:31:02 UTC). RU2 is part of the USSR cluster of servers for the game. It is physically located in Moscow, USSR.World of Tanks sets Guinness World Record. Move over EVE Online -- there's a new sheriff in Single Server Population Town, and his name is World of Tanks.

This surprisingly popular MMO, which is still hip-deep in beta, already has one record for the books -- figuratively. announced that World of Tanks set the Guinness World Record for Most Players Online Simultaneously on One MMO Server. The event happened on January 23rd, as about10K players crowded onto its Russian server.

CEO Victor Kislyi thinks the game can do better: "However, with the population of the game growing steadily another week or two, [it] would let us report a more impressive record as the current PCCU number surpasses 120,000 players."If you'd like to get in on this record-setting title, the North American beta and the European beta are both accepting tank drivers every day. It would be a nice investment if someone purchases World of Tanks premium.

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