People of the Northeast


harriet beecher stowe

Harriet beecher stowe was a writer she wrote a book about slavery that started a war she was born in connecticut 1811 she has met many runaway slaves the book was published in 1852

george washington

george washington was also born in the northeast george washington frederick douglass those are two people who have given speeches at fanecail hall benjamin franklin was famous in the northeast because he was on of the founding fathers and he was a writer liberian inventor and politician

the people of northeast

Scientist think 10,,,,000 years ago people lived in the northeast groups living in northeast include lerni, lenape,abenak, and mahicans each of these groups have a different culture and tradition but 1 thing in common is they all know how to survive the harsh weather grow crops and other things they use trees and plants to make houses sadly colonists from europe brought diseases and it killed countless native americans many were also forced to leave their land as the colonists aggressively pushed west… caribbean carnival parades are very spectacular parades with bright beautiful costumes are worn by dancers in the north east american-tribes-and-cultures/iroquois-village