Alligator Bite

Week of November 11- November 15

"A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself."

Joseph Campbell

Calendar of Events

Next Week

  • November 11 (Mon) - Veteran’s Day! No School

Upcoming Events

  • November 19 (Tues) - Picture Makeup Day
  • November 19 (Tues)- November 21 (Thurs) - Jog-a-thon!
  • November 27 (Wed) - November 29 (Fri) - No School - Thanksgiving Break
  • December 2 (Mon) - Volunteer Training 12:30-1:00
  • December 3 (Tues) - Jog-a-thon makeup day

Information and updates

Thank you!

Thank you for making our first Adams Parents’ Community Night a success! It was wonderful to see familiar faces, meet new parents, as well as to hear from Beth about the social-emotional curriculum. Having the extra help to do some hands-on tasks for the staff and students was amazing! Please keep an eye out for our next community night!

Book Fair

Thanks to all the families and students that made this our most successful Book Fair ever!!

All for Books and Coin Drive- We raised $680 dollars with the coin drive, pencil pull, and collections during the fair. That money was spent to buy 68 books to increase the library’s collection! Scholastic will also match the amount we raised and buy books for kids in need.

Book Fair- Our sales were at an all time high of over $10,000! This means we earned $5,600 dollars to buy more books for the library, classrooms, and end of the year book giveaway. We had over 20 different volunteers help make this event happen. Thank you to everyone for helping make this event a success!

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Library news

Thanks to the support from parents through book fair purchases and donations, as well as APA's library upgrade funding, you will see many changes taking place in our library collection and space.

Our catalogue is available to peruse digitally and throughout the district schools, we have access to information through online databases as well. Bringing devices into the library is always an invitation and never a mandated activity. Reading remains at the center of what we do in our school libraries!

Follow this link to see a book list in honor of Native American Heritage Month.


Adams Elementary Jog-A-Thon Tuesday, November 19 - Thursday, November 21!

All students should have received their Jog-A-Thon materials, including pledge envelope and informational flyer. Extra envelopes and flyers are available in the office. Completed envelopes can be returned to your child's teacher or deposited into the BIG SHOE outside the school office. This is our school's biggest fundraiser with this years proceeds going toward playground equipment, repairs and maintenance.

The Jog-A-Thon will take place during the classroom regular PE time in the gym. See schedule below for each class day & time. Following the run, each student will receive a banana to replenish. That means we need lots of bananas AND volunteers to count laps. Feel free to sign up for multiple volunteer spots if you have more time to give or have more than one child. Come and listen to upbeat music and cheer on our students while counting laps. Please sign up to contribute at the following link:

Have your child bring a water bottle as well as wear comfortable clothing and shoes on their Jog-A-Thon scheduled day. Your support of this APA sponsored fundraiser is greatly appreciated. Please get involved, any financial amount, or time volunteering help make a difference at Adams!

Jog-a-thon schedule:

Tuesday, November 19th

8:15am Harris

8:45am Williams

9:15am Gray

10:05am Rodriguez

10:35am Davis

12:35pm Sharp

1:05pm Soot

1:35pm Kittel

Wednesday, November 20th

8:15am Ash

8:45am Tinsley

9:15am Reeves

10:05am Macbeth

10:35am Lashley

12:35pm Joos

1:05pm Dykes

Thursday, November 21st

8:45am Abrams

9:15am Criscione

12:35pm Oleson

1:05pm Sussman

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Pe and wellness news


Students entered into squad spots and we worked with resistance bands to isolate shoulders, glutes, biceps, and tricep muscles.

Everyone played an enthusiastic game of "Tag Out," a continuous tag game in teams of 3 or 4. Then we began a few weeks of soccer skills with ball control exercises: toe touches and dribbling, both with an emphasis on staying on one's toes and using light touches.


We ended October's Kindness Month with a take-home sheet about random acts of kindness. Hope it's something your family can use. It's "No Soda November," a push by the American Heart Association. Ask your child to bring home some frightening facts about sugary soda. They are displayed in the hallway. Or check some out yourself:

At AIM, 75 students have reached 10 miles, 25 have accomplished 20, and 12 more have covered 30 miles. That's over a 1000 miles already! Monday and Friday yoga are drawing over 30 students a session. Bring Your Parents to PE Week is the second week of January. Plan ahead!

Adams wear

Adams Wear orders are in and have been delivered to the students in their classrooms this week. If you have any questions about the items your student received or didn't receive please contact the Volunteer Adams Wear Coordinator at Thanks a million to all the volunteers that helped us deliver over 300 shirts to the students yesterday and today. And a huge thank you to the Adams Parents Association for making it possible for all students at Adams to have an Adams shirt at no cost.

Don't forget EVERY FRIDAY IS ADAMS PRIDE DAY AND A GREAT DAY TO WEAR ALL THOSE GREAT NEW (AND OLD) ADAMS SHIRTS. Let's light up the hallways blue- Alligator style!

Fine Arts Night

Our Fine Arts Night isn't until May but Mrs. Sanders needs our help now mounting art! This can be done on your own schedule at school or in the comfort of your home. Please contact Mrs. Sanders at to get started or if you have any questions. Thank you in advance for your time and effort in helping to make this amazing event such a great success!


Now at Adams: OBOB (Oregon Battle of the Books) a state-wide fall/winter Reading event for 3rd - 5th graders. Students have formed their teams and team meetings have began this week. OBOB is still needing 2 Volunteer Coaches to run smoothly, the coaches will work with a team for 20 minutes one day a week from November to early February (you pick the day). Please visit to volunteer. For more information please ask in the office or contact Tracy Erwin, or visit
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Parking Lot Safety

  • Please drive slowly through the driveway in front of the school and as you corner the District Office building be mindful of pedestrian traffic. There is also a STOP painted on the lane before you corner the north east corner of the District Office. Please abide by this safety features.
  • When dropping off or picking up students please remember to stay in your car so traffic can move through the area efficiently.
  • If you would like to walk your students to class or walk to meet them please park in the District Parking lot or in the parking areas across the driveway from the school.

Volunteer training

Interested in Volunteering at Adams?

Please contact and attend a monthly training.

We will cover how to use the copier and laminating machine and general school information and then if you are interested you can also have a library orientation and training if you would like to help in the library too. The next volunteer training will be held on Monday, December 2nd from 12:30-1:00, so please meet in the office for that. You must have completed the online volunteer application with background check online prior to volunteering (available on the school website).

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Community Flyers

Community flyers are now shared on the Corvallis School District website! Learn about programs, sports, and opportunities in our community. Flyers posted this week are listed below:

Costco Wholesale Community Appreciation Night

Garden project grant announcement

Youth Elementary Basketball

Parks & Recreation Middle School Basketball Academy

High School Basketball League

High School Age Tryouts Corvallis Soccer Club

Please visit the community flyers page for all current flyers:

¡Los volantes comunitarios ahora se comparten en la página web del Distrito Escolar de Corvallis! Entérese de los programas, deportes y oportunidades en nuestra comunidad. Los volantes publicados para ésta semana a continuación:

Introducción al baloncesto (primaria)

Academia de baloncesto para secundaria

High School Tryouts Corvallis Soccer Club

Por favor, visite la página de volantes comunitarios para ver los más recientes volantes: