Touch Screens, How It Works

By Felix Mcgueski

Touch Screens How it Actually Works.

A touch screen, you may think that its just something that goes on an ipod or maybe a couple of tablets, buts its more, its actually a panel of glass with a number of conductive and resistive metallic layer under the glass, the power runs through the screens, and when a user interacts with the screen the 2 layers connect in the spot, therefore sending a command to the CPU to do something. For example, in Angry Birds when you pull back the bird, the touch screen makes the 2 layers connect, and that sends a command to say that the bird has been pulled back to that spot, and when you pull it further, the command is that the bird is being moved to a different location, once you let go of the screen, the command is sent that the bird has been released, therefore sends it flying towards the pigs.