CCMS Weekly

February 1, 2016

Oppressed Anger

I have such an unhealthy anger toward the weatherman. Like it's his fault the snow keeps missing us by 6 miles.

Upcoming Events

No School 2/12 and 2/14

President's Weekend

February CIP 2/22

We will be meeting in the Auditorium to start. Tina and Jeremy will be here for a quick presentation on School Tool. Social Studies will be in B-13 with Nancy Maguire right at 3pm.

Parent Teacher Conferences 2/24

Half day for students, dismissal at 10:50am


Share Pictures

Please continue to share pictures of the great things you are doing in your classroom, especially if it's something you pulled from one of these really exciting links below. We can share them with the CCMS community via Twitter and Facebook :)

Items for Lamination

If you need items to be laminated please drop them off with Debbie Hannigan in the library between 8-2pm. She is happy to take care of laminating them for you. Most reasonable sized jobs can be done same day but please plan in advance.


Please remind students yearbooks have to be purchased by the 26th and must be purchased online.

All County Band

We got three band members in to the Elementary All-County Band and an additional two are alternates. One student also made 1st chair. Pretty prestigious!

The students are:

Natalie Celentano - flute

Jonathan Arcangel - alto sax

Simon Uhl - trumpet (first chair)

Morgan Gagnon - bells (first alternate)

Aneeka Phadnis - oboe (first alternate)

Links to Checkout

The Best Cannoli Dip Ever....EVER

I am so thankful my bestie tested positive for celiac, or she may never have had to make her own cannoli dip at home to ensure it was Gluten Free. Try not to lick the bowl.

Kids Discover

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